NBAM meets the industry stakeholders with concerns over charges proposed by HDC

PUBLISHED September 11, 2019

National Boating Association of Maldives (NBAM) has met with the industry to have the opinion on charges proposed by HDC to use Hulhumale Lagoon.

While there has not been any support service and charges averagely 7000 per month for a 30 mtr vessel and diving dhoni has been planned to charge by HDC.

Industry members are concerned that the businesses operation has been slowly becoming a challenge, as theres no service provided by HDC and the industry started using while there wasnt even an island. It was just a piece of sand when boats went there.

Previous 4 governments has promised to find a permanent solution of a designated safe harbor for safari boats, but its been dragging and no conclusion has been made.

Most members propose not to charge anything more than whats being charged in Male . As its the capital with convenience. While a bare Lagoon charge should not exceed that amount. 

A member said "we agree to pay something, but this should come reasonably with a support service such as a bouy, garbage disposal atleast", we already pay different types of taxes and fees and all these goes and end in the government. So again an additional charge would be a challenge in operation.

For more information, please contact Mr. Ibrahim Shahid from +9607771322.


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