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Moomina Ibrahim, Fathmath Dheema Ali, Sameeha Abdul Hakeem, Naila Ibrahim Didi, Shamma Abdul Hameed
PUBLISHED March 08, 2024 | updated March 09, 2024 01:57

   1.  Dr. Naila Ibrahim Didi: The first Maldivian Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr. Naila is a pioneer in the Maldives’ medical industry. An advocate for the advancement of women's and children’s healthcare in the Maldives, she co-founded the Society of Health Education (SHE). A non-profit working towards spreading social awareness and medical resources; SHE has received notable acclaim from the United Nations and the Commonwealth. Alongside her medical career, Dr. Naila is well-known among the community for her artistry. Her intricate paintings depicting the underwater life of the Maldives are loved and admired throughout the country.

2. Sameeha Abdul Hakeem: Sameeha Abdul Hakeem made history as the Maldives' first female pilot. Her journey began when she heard about Air Maldives recruiting pilots in 1992 while at the Science Education Centre (SEC). Despite a tight schedule between classes, she managed to attend the interview in her school uniform. To her surprise, she received confirmation of her selection just 10 days later. Following several challenging training sessions, she achieved her goal of becoming the Maldives' first female pilot. Today, Sameeha continues her contributions to aviation safety by ensuring regulatory compliance, conducting audits, and performing inspections.

3. Fathmath Dheema Ali: A rising star in the sports scene, Dheema is the youngest and first Maldivian player to have won an international medal in Table Tennis. Her talent for the sport was realized at the age of 8 when she was crowned the champion of the under-11 age category at a Malaysian table tennis championship. This would become the first step to propel her into national and international-level professional championships; representing the Maldivian national TT team as the first-ranked player in both the junior and senior divisions. The story of this promising young prodigy is still unfolding; she is one of the most loved and supported athletes by the entire nation.

4. Moomina Ibrahim: A true female pioneer in a primarily male-dominated industry, Moomina Ibrahim is the first female football commentator in the world. She was a radio host by profession when she got the opportunity to comment on a local football match. Her timely delivery and enthusiastic tone garnered the attention of avid football fans; and from then on, audiences from throughout the country tuned in to listen to her entertaining commentary – she became a sensation. Now retired, her commentary is still often brought up during football season, an iconic memory for football and radio fans alike.

5. Dr. Sham’aa Abdulla Hameed: Dr. Sham’aa (Anna) is a highly respected figure in the diving community, having obtained her PADI Course Director certification in July 2018. Since then, she has been actively involved in elevating the industry, collaborating with various educational and training programs to ensure they remain at the forefront. She achieved Platinum Course Director status in 2020 due to her extensive teaching of instructor-level courses the previous year. Beyond her professional achievements, Anna is also the founder of the Ocean Warriors Institute, where she strives to inspire and empower individuals through diving.


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