Bison Maldives Appointed as the Main Project Management Consultancy Firm for Resort Development on Bawe Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania

PUBLISHED February 17, 2022 | updated February 17, 2022 02:40

Bison Maldives is a leading resort development firm situated in the Maldives and was established as a company on 24th October 2002; currently involved in number of businesses. With two decades of building expertise Bison Maldives Group has successfully accomplished the development of the luxury resorts such as Cocoon Maldives, You & Me by Cocoon, as well as properties for the Atmosphere group.

The Bison Group is proud of its role in the evolution of real estate property development in the Maldives and went beyond with the new projects outside the country, in Africa, promoting the synergy between ‘human’ and ‘environment’ while creating the rich living spaces that are comfortable and efficient.  

After numerous successfully accomplished projects, Bison Maldives has been recognized as a leader in its field, and today appointed as the main project development consultancy firm for Resort Development Project on Bawe Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania in collaboration with Azemar Tour Operator Company.

Azemar Tour Operator Company is one of the biggest tour operator from Milan with over 20 years of experience and is long time business partner of Bison Maldives. The group consists of Gold Zanzibar Beach House and Spa, Azemar S.P.A (Italy), Cocoon Maldives (Lhaviyani Atoll, Maldives) and You and Me Maldives Resort (Raa Atoll, Maldives).  

Investing in the Future of Tourism  

Bawe Island offers the perfect getaway for travellers looking for some calm and serenity. A 10-minute boat ride from Stone Town, Bawe Island offers guests the luxury of privacy while keeping the quaint allure of Zanzibar close at hand. Adding a touch of class and sophistication to any travel itinerary, Bawe Island is an oasis in paradise.  

Keeping with the One Island One Resort concept, the focus of the development will be to a limited part of the island. The resort will be fully self-sustaining with its own power generation, water desalination, sewage treatment, harbour and reef protection, laundry, and kitchen and on-site staff accommodation facilities. The vision for the Bawe Island Resort is to seamlessly integrate the natural beauty of the island into the living spaces of the property.  

Furthermore, all villas will be built using an innovative prefabricated system. This will help minimize the on-ground impact during construction and development. Staying green, we will be using solar power as the back-up power source for the island. Additionally, the water supply and sewage treatment facilities will help reduce our overall impact on the surrounding ecosystem and allow us to recycle wastewater for irrigation and gardening.  

Inspiration for the Bawe Island Resort was drawn from our You & Me Resort in Maldives. We understand the beauty of nature is the reason why our clients chose our destination. It is our main resource and as such needs to be preserved. In Maldives we instated a system of water recycling that has almost no impact on the environment, and we have a program of recycling of the plastic materials. 

Gold Zanzibar together with the professional approach by Bison Group Maldives, has a plan to become partially energy self-sufficient by 2022 by using solar panels in each room to produce energy for the hot water and air conditioning. The entire construction and assembly of the resort will be planned to minimize the environmental footprint and ecological disturbances on the island.  

Bison Maldives Chairman Mr. Abdul Majeed together with Mr. Alessandro Azzola - the Managing Director of Cocoon properties and the Azemar Tour Operator company, the largest in Milan.


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