Ooredoo Maldives Announces the Landing of PEACE Cable in Kulhudhuffushi City

PUBLISHED February 18, 2024 | updated February 18, 2024 00:05

Ooredoo Maldives is thrilled to announce the official landing of PEACE cable in Kulhudhuffushi City today. We are also proud to announce that this is the first international cable landing in an island other than Hulhumale’. The cable system will be fully operational by third quarter (June/July) of 2024. Once in service, kulhudhuffushi will be directly connected to Singapore.

The establishment of PEACE Cable in the Maldives, connecting Kulhudhuffushi City to Singapore and Europe is an important step towards accommodating the rapid digital transformation taking place in the Maldives. With the successful landing of the PEACE Cable, the North of Maldives will become a gateway to the East and West, open up opportunities for Hyperscalers and Managed Services, create new jobs, develop skill sets and endless opportunities that will contribute immensely to the digital economy of the Maldives.

“PEACE cable which directly connects Maldives from Kulhudhuffushi City to Singapore and Europe brings a sense of pride to the nation. Without a doubt, this is a stepping stone to more opportunities for the country. I would like to congratulate and thank Ooredoo Maldives for their impressive work in the digital transformation of the Maldives.” Minister of Cities, Local Governments and Public Works Honorable Adam Shareef.

“ The PEACE cable landing which started today is the first time a main cable landing station has been maintained away from the greater Male’ area. This is monumental for Kulhudhuffushi City, and will assist us in providing even better services to Maldives. We are extremely proud that Kulhudhuffushi City will now be included in the submarine cable maps of the world.” Chief Operating Officer, Ooredoo Maldives, Hussain Niyaz

“ I would like to thank Ooredoo Maldives for choosing Kulhudhuffushi City to host the main cable landing station for PEACE cable. With this step, we are hopefull that Kulhudhuffushi will become a digital hub and gain many benefits” Kulhudhuffushi City Mayor, Mohamed Athif

Once completed, the entire system will connect a population of over 2 billion people, linking Asia-Africa-Europe, with a total length of over 25,000km. The cable will also provide a direct route from Singapore to France as well as a direct channel from Singapore to Africa.


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