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PUBLISHED March 15, 2023 | updated March 15, 2023 01:40

I belong to the Maldives – a country so tiny that you can hardly see it on the world map; yet a country that has welcomed lost travellers crossing the equatorial border for centuries with open arms and wide smiles. Since then the Maldives has become a highly sought-after and high-demand travel destination, which thousands of tourists visit every single day!

The unparalleled unique geography and location of the Maldives, the warm hospitality of the people, with more than hundreds of luxurious resorts offering the perfect, all-inclusive private getaways, and a diversely enchanting and vivid underwater world are but a few attractions that travellers get to relish when visiting this beautiful island chain.

With tourism being the largest economic industry in the Maldives, many travel agencies in the Maldives are catering to the inbound travel sector. In recent years, the number of Maldivians travelling abroad has increased steadily as well. The trend is driven by fast-growing technology and convenient travel routes; with more and more people intrigued to travel after seeing beautiful destinations around the world on the internet.  

Being such a travel enthusiast, I was seeking an opportunity to work for a travel agency that offered both opportunities to travel and explore beyond this little island nation. Thus I began my career working at one of the most prominent travel Agencies in the Maldives – Sunland Journeys. 

From A Ticketing Office to a Major Travel Agency!

The story of Sunland Journeys begins with the first agreement signed between Sunland Travel and Singapore Airlines in 1999. Back then, Sunland Travel was a travel agency, solely focused on bringing tourists to the Maldives. In the wake of being appointed as the representative for Singapore Airlines, Sunland Travel introduced a separate division for air services. 

Sunland Travel’s air services division successfully represented several other airlines from a small office on the busy harbourfront of Malé, before blooming into their very own company named Sunland Journeys, in 2013.  Being renowned as the first representative of Singapore Airlines in the Maldives, they have built a reputation as one of the most valued ticketing agencies in the country. 

At present, Sunland Journeys represents 10 major airlines as a Passenger Sales Agent, including Singapore Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Qatar Airways, US-Bangla Airlines, Indigo, Fly Dubai, Scoot as well as domestic airlines Maldivian, Manta Air and Villa Air. Sunland Journeys is the General Sales Agent and the Cargo Agent for Bangkok Airways as well.  

With tourism thriving in the Maldives, the country developed fast with major revolutionary changes to travel and tourism. The desire for travel has become strong, spurred by the pent-up demand for leisure travel, which has been driven by new hybrid work environments and household savings with the growth in our economy. We increasingly turn to technology to organise and enhance our travels but fear the risks of cyber incidents and the hassle of planning our travels to an unknown destination. Consequently, we started turning to travel agencies to book and plan our trips - to ensure safety and reliability. 

Sunland Journeys grew to adapt to the fast-growing changes in the industry and brought together the ultimate team of travel experts to create personalised packages to Discover the Maldives and Explore the World, which perfectly fulfil all the customer needs. From the beginning to the end of the trip, Sunland Journeys ensure that every stage of the trip is well-planned and executed. 

Discover the Maldives & Explore the World!

As an adventurer, I believe traveling is an investment in ourselves. But when we are planning a vacation, affordability is typically part of the equation and I have always imagined travelling to be expensive. Especially Maldives is widely considered an expensive holiday destination; a home to a string of ultra-luxurious hotels and resorts.

Once I began working with the Sunland Journeys team, I learned that it is possible to have an outstanding vacation in the Maldives or anywhere in the world without busting through your savings too quickly. By choosing the right destination, you can have an amazing time no matter your budget. Whether you need to be frugal or have money to spare, Sunland Journeys travel experts have an option for all that is worth considering. With affordable holiday packages in the Maldives and Worldwide destinations with add-on tours and experiences, Sunland Journeys strives to provide customisable, budget-friendly packages that fit individual preferences. 

Many Maldivians travel abroad for dual purposes. Most commonly, holidays would include medical check-ups and treatments. Whether you travel abroad seeking medical service for your loved ones, education and training for your children, business and official trips with your colleagues, or relaxation and holidaying with friends, Sunland Journeys takes care of every aspect of your trip including visa assistance, travel insurance and 24-hour customer services to ensure your comfort and safety from your departure point till you reach your destination. 

Sunland Journeys is a company that relies on preferred vendors to establish relationships to better assist and cater to every need of its customers.  At present, they are in partnership with over 100 resorts, and guesthouse houses in the Maldives, and conduct bookings for hotels and tours all around the world. Sunland Journeys’ services are in the best interest of its customers and without a doubt a complete ‘All-in-One’ provider for all travel needs. 

A Journey of a Thousand Miles –  Celebrating 24 Years of Service in 2023!

When it comes to loyalty, a travel company’s first thought may be the importance of providing excellent, reliable customer service and memorable travel experiences. But I believe what goes on behind the scenes is just as important.

With a great team of employees wholly loyal and dedicated to the company and a wide customer base who remained and supported throughout the company’s milestones, Sunland Journeys has risen above and beyond in the last 24 years of service.

The growth and success of the company over the years are a testament to the confidence of loyal customers and the management of Sunland Journeys who has taken good care of their employees and supported them through all the obstacles. The employee’s love and admiration for Sunland Journeys are seen in the number of employees who have remained with the company for over 15-24 years, contributing to the continued growth and success of the company. 

I have witnessed the proficiency of every single team member of Sunland Journeys, and the close relationship they have built with their customers. They work with passion in providing superior customer service by going the extra mile to develop and nurture long-term customer relationships. It motivates me further to work in this profession where I can thrive on planning fantastic trips and making people’s travel dreams a reality. As a proud Maldivian working for a travel agency in the Maldives, I recommend you to Discover the Maldives and Explore the World by curating your next trip with the amazing team at Sunland Journeys!

Contributing writer: Shabana Hameed



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