Chefs Guild of Maldives Announces ‘CGM Chefs Awards’

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PUBLISHED September 21, 2022 | updated September 21, 2022 03:07

In eve of the Golden Jubilee of Tourism in the Maldives for the very first time in the Maldives, The Chefs Guild of Maldives has introduced “CGM Chefs Awards”, a biennial award of recognition to cultivate and celebrate the vibrant strength of talented professionals dedicated to advancing culinary arts in Maldives. 

CGM encourages chefs to foster their culinary wisdom and creativity within their kitchens and communities, and share their stories to promote the social, educational, environmental, and inspirational impact of the culinary industry. The CGM Chefs Awards is all about celebrating the chef heroes and their contribution and positive impacts to the tourism industry and the wider communities.

By having the Chefs Awards, CGM aims to; To recognize, support and appreciate the talented culinary professionals’ contribution to industry and to promote the culinary profession throughout the country and to increase awareness while motivating chefs and work towards the development of a National Culinary Team to represent the Maldives in international competitions and forums. 

During this year’s Chefs Awards Outstanding chefs will be honored at the CGM Chefs Awards in multiple of categories: Executive Chef; Sous Chef; Competition Chef; Chef Educators; Pastry and Bakery Chef; Young Chef under 25 years of age; and a Special Award of Long Service to with a track record of more than 20 years to the industry.

CGM invites all chefs to apply for the CGM Chefs Awards 2022. CGM also encourage resorts and restaurants to nominate their exceptional culinary professionals to compete for this prestigious accolade.

The categories for Chefs Award 2022 are;

- Executive Chef

- Sous Chef

- Competition Chef

- Education Chef

- Pastry and Bakery Chef

- Young Chef

- Long Service Special Awards

Individuals are to send their Nominations before 10th October via:



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