Ooredoo Maldives Wins Exciting Awards at Stevie IBA and APAC Awards

PUBLISHED August 21, 2021 | updated August 21, 2021 00:49

The leading telecommunication company in the Maldives has received a multitude of prestigious wins at the 18th Annual Stevie International Business Awards and Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards including:  

Wins at the 2021 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards  

- Stevie Silver - Most Valuable Corporate Response for Covid -19 Response by Ooredoo Maldives  

- Bronze Stevie – Excellence in Innovation in Consumer Product & Service Industries for Moolee & m-Faisaa services of Ooredoo Maldives  

Wins at the Stevie International Business Award Wins  

- Bronze Stevie - Most Valuable Service for Covid -19 Response by Ooredoo Maldives  

 “As a community focused company, it is a great honor to be recognized for our crisis response initiatives to assist our employees, customers and our communities to navigate through the ongoing global pandemic. Despite the challenges faced due to the pandemic, with much dedication and hard work our team were able to achieve many milestones, improving our existing services and introducing first of its kind services enriching the lives of the people of the Maldives. I would like to congratulate the entire team who has been tirelessly working with enthusiasm and passion to transform our services to digital means and improve our overall customer experience. With the same spirit, our team will continue to improve, innovate and provide new opportunities, advanced digital services to our customers and the people of the Maldives.” Managing Director & CEO of Ooredoo Maldives, Najib Khan.  

Ooredoo Maldives takes exceptional pride in the Stevie Award won for the ‘Most Valuable Corporate Response’ and ‘Most Valuable Service’ for measures taken within the company, for its customers and the community during the COVID 19 pandemic. Together with Ooredoo Group, Ooredoo Maldives contributed MVR 2.5 million to the Government of Maldives to acquire ventilators, personal protective equipment, and testing supplies to combat the spread of coronavirus across the nation. Ooredoo Maldives has been closely collaborating with government agencies to provide key measures of including critical connectivity support, mass awareness on Covid-19 prevention and relief, as well as digital solutions which enable online education, health services and enterprise. The company’s strong digital policies enabled them to switch to remote working overnight upon the announcement of lockdown, with the majority of its team still providing seamless services to customers from home.  

Guided by its vision of enriching people’s lives, Ooredoo seeks to open-up the limitless opportunities of the digital age to local communities and businesses, while striving towards a Digital Maldives. Ooredoo Maldives’ self-care app was integrated with its mobile payment platform m-Faisaa and e-commerce platform Moolee into a single user interface, providing customers with an optimal end-to-end digital experience. While Moolee facilitated small business owners and online retailers reach a bigger customer base and still provide services during the pandemic, m-Faisaa’s provided the convenience of making online payments for utility companies, popular online platforms, cafés, shops and more.  It is this commitment towards enriching the digital lives of its customers that has won the company the international recognition it is currently receiving on many respected platforms.   

Ooredoo’s connection to the people of Maldives will remain a priority for 2021 and beyond, and will continue to act as an enabler towards a transformational era of innovative technologies, driven by network enhancement. The company will continue to focus on digitalisation and leveraging content solutions to drive further growth.


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