JOALI Islands in the Maldives Marked Global Wellness Day with an Array of Meaningful Activities

PUBLISHED June 13, 2022 | updated June 13, 2022 03:30

This year, Global Wellness Day was celebrated in unique style at JOALI Maldives and JOALI BEING, the brand’s two luxurious islands in the Maldives.  

On this special occasion, JOALI focused on caring for guests, employees and local communities alike. The brand’s distinctive vision of “sustainable glamour” is based on core values like community engagement, environmental protection and women’s empowerment,. Indeed, this ambitious redefinition of luxury is at the very heart of JOALI.

Global Wellness Day in the Maldives 

Celebrated on June 11, the motto of Global Wellness Day 2022 was: “One day can change your whole life”. Dedicated to living well, this special day encourages us to pause, think and recognise the value of our lives. It also calls on people around the globe to raise awareness about living well. 

“In a setting as spectacular as the Maldives, one inspirational day really can change your whole perspective. It can spark your curiosity, open new doors and enable you to connect deeply with yourself and the world around you,” remarks Özgür Cengiz, General Manager of JOALI BEING. Özgür is also the official Ambassador of Global Wellness Day for the Maldives.  

“The JOALI brand is all about discovery,” he explains. “Both our Maldivian properties invited guests to explore the idea of wellness in their own way. Our goal was to get people thinking and inspire them to create a healthier way of life.” 

Joyful Wellness at JOALI Maldives 

At JOALI Maldives, the region’s first art immersive luxury island resort, Global Wellness Day was ushered in with creativity, flair and a touch of indulgence. The celebrations kicked off early in the morning, with the JOALI Maldives Island Marathon. After a warm-up session, participants set off on the 2 km route, which took them through lush greenery and sweeping ocean views. The run concluded with a recovery stretching session, followed by prizes and a photoshoot. 

Later in the day, guests joined a refreshing session of Aqua Gym, a form of resistance training in the water, followed by “oh-so-good for you” sorbets by the poolside. The invigorating workout and delicious bites were a hit with all age-groups. 

Also on the day’s schedule was a detox drinks workshop at Mura Bar, where the talented mixology team guided guests on how to make healthy, nutritious and delicious beverages. Last but certainly not least, JOALI Maldives organised a special Island Marathon and Aqua Gym for the resort’s hosts. 

Multifaceted Wellbeing Journeys at JOALI BEING 

Being the first and only nature immersive wellbeing island retreat of its kind in the Maldives, JOALI BEING celebrated Global Wellness Week with calendar of experiences that began on June 4 and culminated with special events on June 11. Guests were able to explore different facets of wellbeing – from nutrition and fitness to social connection and sustainability. Additionally, the celebrations also focused on the wellbeing of the retreat’s hosts – a priority for JOALI. 

The programme highlighted healthy practices like walking 10,000 steps a day, staying well hydrated, and developing good sleep habits. Guests also participated in meaningful activities around plastic waste reduction and island clean-up. One of the highlights of the week was the healthy cooking workshop at the Culinary Learning Centre, where an expert team of chefs and nutritionists guided wellbeing seekers on how to choose the right ingredients, preserve nutrition while cooking, and develop better eating habits. For fitness enthusiasts, the JOALI BEING Amazing Race provided an exhilarating challenge: a 1.5-kilometre island run and a 500-metre open water swim.  

On Global Wellness Day, JOALI BEING organised a unique wellbeing event at nearby Meedhoo Island. This collective celebration connected JOALI guests from around the globe with local residents of Raa Atoll, with a view to fostering meaningful connections and inspiring island communities to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

A number of interactive experiences were organised, including an island run and a wellness expo featuring healthy elixirs, dietary advice from a nutritionist, informational sessions with Ayurvedic doctors, and classes with the resident herbologist from AKTAR, the herbology centre at JOALI BEING. There were also plenty of fun activities for young guests, including face painting and music. 

A Brand Rooted in Community  

JOALI is committed to engaging with and empowering local communities. Since its arrival in the Maldives, the luxury lifestyle and hospitality brand has demonstrated this commitment in a variety of meaningful ways. The team has partnered with Maldivian organisations to aid the training of girls in local schools; provide hospitality internships for aspiring candidates; and conduct virtual educational sessions for local university students.  

The company has also made significant contributions to local agencies. Generous funds have been donated to several organisations working in the archipelago, including three Women’s Development Committees in Raa Atoll, Women in Tech Maldives, Zero Waste Maldives, and the Olive Ridley Project. In May 2022, the brand donated a sum of US$ 30,000 and two eight-seater buggies to the Raa Dhuvaafaru Council. These contributions are being utilised by the island council for the benefit of local residents. 


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