Caffitaly – A Unique System for a Unique Sensory Experience

PUBLISHED May 22, 2021

Caffitaly has created an integrated capsule machine that enhances the texture and flavor of the coffee to give you the perfect cup of coffee with the aroma and taste that would soothe the mind and soul. With numerous years of experience from the country famous for its coffee culture for centuries, Caffitaly is made from expertise and professionals from Italy to bring you a system where every component of the machine works in precision to bring you the perfect coffee. 

With Caffitaly, every single detail makes a difference, starting from the coffee capsules. A generous 8gram of the highest quality of coffee is enclosed between 2 filters that are specifically designed to enhance the flavour and give you the satisfaction of having a quality coffee. The unique extraction system of the Caffitaly capsules are an innovation that leaves nothing but perfectionism.

Caffitaly system is not just a coffee machine and neither it is just a regular capsule. it is an integrated system that unites quality and technology in its every detail. Everything begins with the pre-infusion which prepares the ground coffee, wetting it in a uniform way thanks to the superior filter. Next, a double pressure system allows you to select the best extraction, either high or low based on the drink, but always resulting in a fantastic drink arriving in the cup. 

In a world where environmental protection is increasingly central, the use of eco-friendly materials cannot be just a detail. Caffitaly only produces capsules made from 100% recyclable materials and is committed to an even greener evolution of its technology and materials. Because a perfect cup of coffee for you also needs to be perfect for your world. 

Not only are the coffee capsules practical, they also do the best coffee in each cup. Each of these capsules contain 3 base elements that every barista is looking for: 

1.  The right blend. Prepared with by professional team in Italy, Astrabon offers different blends of Caffitaly coffee flavors that have the right taste and bitterness and also the best intensity. 

2.  The right quantity. Each Caffitaly capsule contains 8g of coffee (compared with many brands that have only 5g) it is the right quantity to prepare an espresso of quality. 

3.  The right grind the beans are grounded in order to obtain the desired intensity, which is a coffee more or less full-bodied. Also, to prevent the loss in the flavor, the grounded vacuumed into each capsule. 

Astrabon Maldives aims to bring you innovative and technologically advanced Capsule Machines at affordable prices. 


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