Space for Island Nations Conference Kicks Off, Bringing Together Space & Climate Experts from Around the World

PUBLISHED May 03, 2023 | updated May 03, 2023 01:00

The Maldives Space Research Organisation (MSRO) has inaugurated the first day of the Space for Island Nations Conference (SINC), taking place from May 2-4, 2023 at Crossroads Maldives. 

SINC is a 3-day event that welcomes around 100 delegates from around the world to discuss climate resilience, blue ocean economy and space policy development for island nations.

SINC will feature 30 speakers, 10 panel discussions, three networking receptions, and open tracks to allow the space industry attendees to connect with Maldivian policy and decision makers, youth, foster capacity building, business and space education. 

"We're thrilled to kick off SINC and welcome attendees from all over the globe," said Madin Maseeh, President of MSRO. "As an island nation, we are incredibly proud to be hosting our first ever space conference in the Maldives and are honored to welcome such a prominent portfolio of speakers, sponsors and delegates in our country. We hope to inspire not only our citizens about space, but also encourage other island nations to work more closely together, learn from each other and thrive with and through space. We, Maldivians, have always looked to the stars!”

Among the highlights of the conference are prominent speakers such as the Speaker of Parliament Mr. Mohamed Nasheed, United Nations Resident Representative to the Maldives, Ms. Catherine Haswell, Minister of Defense, Mariya Didi, Minister of Tourism, Dr. Dr Abdulla Mausoom, President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change, Ms Sabra Noordeen,  Maldives Underwater Initiative, UNICEF. These highlights demonstrate the growing importance of Space & Climate and the relevance it has for island nations, and the interest that the Maldives has in utilising earth observation.

For more information about SINC 2023, please visit www.sinc2023com. 

About the Maldives Space Research Organisation (MSRO)

MSRO’s vision is to help Maldives become a spacefaring nation that makes significant contributions to the exploration and use of space. It wants to create a space sector in the Maldives that can help the country become more climate resilient, protect its maritime domain, diversify its economy and empower locals using science and education of space. MSRO is a result of an inspiring international collaboration of more than 100 members from around the world wanting to help the Maldives survive against climate change. MSRO is a registered NGO, founded in late 2022. 


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