Maldives Living Expo 2023 Presents DAMAS as Exhibitor

PUBLISHED August 09, 2023

DAMAS confirms their presence in the latest edition of Maldives Living Expo, bringing renowned Index furniture brand and real estate project One Park into the spotlight.

About Damas

DAMAS Company Pvt Ltd started more than 35 years ago as a construction business and is now a leading Male’-based conglomerate company servicing a broad base of customers across different industries catering to their needs and demands and an expanding vast of consumers and corporate customers across the Maldives.

Index Furniture Brand has been in operation for over 30 years worldwide. DAMAS obtained sole distribution rights for Maldives and opened their showroom in Male’ City in 2011. Index Furniture delivers a wide range of high-quality furniture and home accessory items for all forms of modern life. Index Furniture is known for its price, quality, design, and service. All furniture items are manufactured to ISO 14001 standard, to Class E1 (European Standard) timber produced from farmed trees; thus, the products are environment friendly.

DAMAS Real Estate Private Limited, a 100% subsidiary of DAMAS Company Private Limited, was registered in the Maldives in 2012. The company was incorporated exclusively to engage in real estate undertakings with a major focus on real estate property management, development, leasing, buying, as well as selling.

One Park, by DAMAS Real Estate, will be the first-ever Parkade structure in the Maldives designed to put all of your automobile worries to rest. With state-of-the-art security features, One Park presents a safe and secure space for your vehicle after a long day’s drive. A space reserved and waiting just for you. The pursuit of elusive parking spaces can take up hours of an already packed day, wasting invaluable time, energy, and resources. Seeking to enhance the lives of everyday individuals, One Park is designed to address all your parking needs.

About Maldives Living Expo

Initiated by Highrise in 2013, Maldives Living Expo is the only Property exhibition held in the Maldives to target the Maldivian investors / potential buyers who want to invest in a second Home with the Luxury Real Estate options, other service providers for Home, Living & Lifestyle with Financial Service providers. The key objective to host the event in this challenging time is to provide elite information in one platform with the competitors of luxury living and lifestyle in the market. Also, to inspire and meet the aspiration of the young, modern, and first-time home buyers who want a house which fulfills their dreams with respect to the lifestyle they want to live.


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