Holistic Visionary Vandana Brings Energy Healing Experience to JA Manafaru

PUBLISHED January 10, 2024

To continue with JA Manafaru’s 2024 visiting VIP practitioner program, the island team has announced that from January 31 to February 13 guests can experience the wisdom and positive energy of internationally-acclaimed healer Vandana Mendonca. 

Vandana, an esteemed intuitive energy and holistic specialist, coach, and meditation facilitator, will be on island to weave her transformative expertise into an exclusive wellness journey. This unique collaboration promises an extraordinary blend of spiritual enlightenment, self-empowerment, and holistic healing, rooted in Vandana's more than two-decade-long journey in the realms of complementary healing.

At the heart of Vandana's philosophy is the revelation of the intricate interplay between energy and the triad of ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’. She will passionately share with guests how the frequency of energy flow directly influences its quality and how vibration resonates within our inner and outer world.

In this immersive experience at JA Manafaru, Vandana establishes a secure channel between the Universe and the participant, facilitating a profound exploration of their unique energy patterns. Through personalised consultations, individual treatment plans, and workshops, she will guide guests on pathways to personal balance, unlocking the potential for profound self-discovery and healing.

Rita Gupta is Director of Spa at JA Manafaru, "We are honoured to host Vandana and provide our guests with this unique transformative experience which aligns seamlessly with the serenity of our surroundings and Calm Spa Sanctuary. This collaboration embodies our commitment to offering our discerning guests an unparalleled journey of self-discovery and holistic rejuvenation".

Sessions available include:

Ascension Reiki / Angelic Reiki

Graceful Reflections Meditation

Soul Guidance Sessions

Soul Connection

Soul Purpose

Foot Reflexology

Facial Reflexology

Face And Foot Reflexology

Natural Facelift 

Oracle Card Reading

Gua Sha Lymphatic Facial Massage

This limited-time opportunity to engage with Vandana's wisdom and expertise marks a significant milestone in the realm of luxury wellness travel. Guests seeking a profound connection with their inner selves and a harmonious balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit are invited to partake in this extraordinary experience, ensuring a timeless memory of spiritual enrichment and well-being.



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