MasterChef Sweden Latest Cook Out in Meeru Island Maldives

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PUBLISHED March 14, 2022

Several years ago, when MasterChef Sweden aired for the first time on Swedish National TV, nobody anticipated having a pivotal episode of the competition to be shot at Meeru Island Resort & Spa. 

November 2021 saw the Sveriges mästerkock 2021, (MasterChef Sweden 2021) that airs on TV4, its production crew, judges (from across Sweden such as Mischa Billing, Markus Aujalay, and Tom Sjostedt) and the contestants arrived at Meeru for episode 12 of season 11 which was filmed on Meeru Island in the Maldives instead of the studio kitchen in Sweden. 

To welcome the team, Meeru Island along with the Maldives Chefs Guild, hosted a Maldivian night themed dinner. The evening kicked off with the contestants arriving at Meeru Island via speed boat while the judges was flown in via domestic seaplane. The Meeru team members welcomed the MasterChef team in traditional Maldivian attire, music and drums, handing them delicious coconut-infused drinks.  

This was followed by an elegantly prepared buffet dinner of authentic local cuisine, accompanied by the joyous sounds of Bodu Beru played by members of the Meeru team. 

For the cooking segment, the team sourced their vegetables, salads, fruits and spices from Meeru's Organic Gardens. Fish was caught by the contestants themselves using traditional Maldivian hand-reel fishing excursion they took the same day. 

The team from Maldives Chefs Guild, along with the incredible multi-national team of chefs of Meeru explained to the contestants how each ingredient was used for their taste. Using the information and tasting, two teams prepared locally themed dishes for the competition at the oceanfront Asian Wok Restaurant. The testing session by the judges was held on the beach, where the gentlemen's group won the round. 

The following morning the elimination round was held at the Pavillion Bar. The contestants had to taste Meeru's signature curry dish, 'Kadu Kukulhu' (a fish-based dish named Sea Chicken) and write down the ingredients. 

The Maldives cooking challenge ended with five contestants qualifying for the next round, where they ended the day sailing into the Maldivian sunset style in the timber yacht Kamana. 


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