Ja Manafaru is Set to Host Renowned Mixologist Federico Penzo for an Exclusive Guest Mixology Experience

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PUBLISHED June 29, 2024 | updated June 29, 2024 03:13

JA Manafaru, the award-winning resort nestled in the Maldives' pristine Haa Alifu Atoll, is thrilled to announce the upcoming visit of renowned mixologist Federico Penzo. From July 4 to 11, 2024, Federico will be captivating guests with his artistry and expertise while sharing his knowledge with JA Manafaru's beverage team.

Federico Penzo, a civil engineer initially, discovered his passion for mixology and bartending after finding his desk job unfulfilling. He honed his skills under the guidance of renowned mixologists Luca Cinalli and Gabriele Manfredi, before becoming the Director of Bars for EDITION Hotels, known for his work in luxury hotels worldwide and venues listed in “50 Best Bars” and Michelin Starred Restaurants. Penzo's distinctive cocktails and talent for designing overall bar experiences have set him apart, with a focus on connecting with people from diverse cultures and creating memorable experiences through his craft.

"Mixology is the art of creating experiences through flavours. Each cocktail tells a story, and we aim to ensure every sip of JA Manafaru’s guests is unforgettable with our upcoming creations soon to grace the resort’s menus," shared Federico Penzo, who is excited to collaborate closely with the beverage team.

This exciting collaboration underscores JA Manafaru's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional and innovative F&B experiences. He will showcase his passion for creating unique, sustainable cocktails by incorporating the popular home-brewed “Kombucha” – a fermented tea rich in probiotics and utilising ingredients grown in the resort's very own garden. Guests can expect a vibrant display featuring fresh, organic herbs, fruit, and locally sourced ingredients, all contributing to the creation of visually stunning and flavourful concoctions.

"Federico excels in crafting wellness-focused cocktails using homemade, locally sourced ingredients prepared from scratch. He eagerly anticipates collaborating with guests and our team in our gardens to cultivate distinctive ingredients. This effort aligns with our sustainability goals, minimizing air miles from supply shipments, sourcing ingredients directly from the island, and minimizing sugars and artificial additives," says Mark Stanton, Director of Food & Beverage at JA Manafaru. "His visit is a testament to our ongoing dedication to elevating our guests' experiences and offering them something truly special. We are confident that Federico's creativity and focus on sustainability will inspire both our guests and our team.”

In addition to crafting exceptional cocktails, he will be hosting interactive sessions, creating engaging and learning opportunities for guests to participate in. This further highlights JA Manafaru's commitment to showcasing the beauty and bounty of the Maldivian environment with the resort’s homegrown ingredients.


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