Resort Life Travel Strengthens Team with Appointment of Finance Expert, Saruvash

Movers and Shakers
PUBLISHED April 21, 2024 | updated April 21, 2024 00:36

After an illustrious career in the Ministry of Finance, Ahmed Saruvash Adam has joined Resort Life, a leading tourism company in the Maldives, taking on the role of Financial and Business Development (FBD). His move from the public sector to the private sector marks a significant transition in his career.

Saruvash, widely recognized for his pivotal role in budgetary matters over the past 8 years, resigned from the finance ministry earlier this month. During his tenure, he not only led the budget department but also played a key role in the successful implementation of financial policies across two different administrations. He was instrumental in shaping the country's budgetary framework and worked with key financial institutions, including MIRA and MMA.

In his new role at Resort Life, Saruvash aims to bring his extensive experience in financial management and business development to one of the country's most influential tourism companies. "After serving for a long time in the government, I joined the private sector with the aim of serving the sector, especially Resort Life, to the highest level of my capabilities." 

Resort Life has been at the forefront of the Maldivian tourism industry, with a strong presence in the Russian market and operations across 11 countries worldwide. With Saruvash at the helm of financial and business development, the company looks forward to leveraging his expertise to drive growth and innovation.

Saruvash's career path reflects a strong commitment to public service and finance. He completed his higher education in the UK and Austria, earning both master's and bachelor's degrees in relevant fields. During his time at the Ministry of Finance, he served in various senior positions, including as chairman of MIRA's board for four years and a board member at MMA for a year. Additionally, he was the Managing Director of The Appa South Health Services Company, overseeing the management of 18 hospitals during President Mohamed Nasheed's tenure.

As Saruvash embarks on this new journey with Resort Life, the tourism industry in the Maldives can expect fresh insights and continued growth in the coming years.


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