Gourmet Week at Cocoon Maldives in Partnership with Italian Dairy Products

PUBLISHED March 22, 2022 | updated March 22, 2022 03:20

The Iconic Gourmet week at Cocoon Maldives is back to delight the taste buds with exquisite culinary experiences this March!

From 28th March 2022- 01st April 2022, Cocoon Maldives will host an important gastronomic event organized by the Corporate Chef, Mr. Giovanni De Ambrosis in partnership with Italian Dairy Products in the beautiful setting of Cocoon’s stylish restaurants, which will indeed have a  great resonance for its uniqueness.

Italian Dairy Products is an authentic artisan cheese factory making mozzarella and other varieties of fresh cheese that bring a taste of “La bella vita” from Dubai UAE. To respect Italian cheese-making tradition and guarantee the authenticity and quality of their products, Italian Dairy products are imported from Italy and production is carried out exclusively by specialized artisanal cheese makers with professional experience in Italian dairy companies.

Cocoon is delighted to announce that Italian Dairy Products will come all the way from Dubai the beautiful property. Cocoon Maldives and will craft mozzarella, burrata and other fresh artisanal products. It will be a one-of a kind cooking show showcasing authentic dairy products and mouth-watering Italian cheese delights all set against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

During this exquisite gourmet week, Italian Dairy Products will showcase 4 different appointments, a cooking-show at main restaurant, Master class with Leo & Alessandro at Loabi Loabi Bar, learning how to make mozzarella, Aperitifs in Pizzeria il Forno, Pizza with Italian dairy products and A Grand buffet "bianco mangiare" with demonstration of Burrata mozzarella production at Octopus Restaurant. All these unique delicacies would be incorporated together with tasting of carefully selected dishes by the Corporate Chef. 

Guests also will have the wonderful opportunity to receive some gadgets from Italian Dairy Products. Join this exclusive culinary experience at Cocoon Maldives! First Homemade Mozzarella In Maldives!



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