Virtual Boat Show Sri Lanka 2021 to be Held from 25th to 29th October 2021

PUBLISHED October 25, 2021 | updated October 25, 2021 11:15

South Asia’s most focused and largest international Boat Show Sri Lanka 2021 will be held from 25th to 29th October 2021. This event will be the first ever virtual boat show in Sri Lanka organized to show case the country’s capabilities in recreational boating and yachting, nautical tourism, boat building and related services for export and local markets.

Virtual Boat Show Sri Lanka 2021 is organized by Boat Building Technology Improvement Institute (BTI) and Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB), in association with Ministry of Trade.

The objective of the Boat Show Sri Lanks is to provide a single platform for all related business sectors involved directly and indirectly in the boat and ship building industry and nautical tourism sector to display and promote their respective sectors for potential international and local clients and giving initiation for the recreational boating culture in Sri Lanka.

To attract the younger age groups towards boating, in addition to the boat and ship building sector, water sports events geared to the younger generation including wake boarding, water skiing, jet ski racing, wind surfing, catamaran and dinghy racing, try a boat event run by sailing clubs, fashion show linked to a nautical theme, fishing events and demonstrations will be displayed in a virtual platform by the companies involved in the respective businesses in Sri Lanka. The total number of exhibitors are expected to reach 40+ and already a few international participations has been confirmed.

Following the success of Boat Show Sri Lanka 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 held physically, the upcoming Virtual Boat Show Sri Lanka 2021 will attract large number of buyers and visitors, boating enthusiasts, and industry professionals from countries such as India, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Seychelles, Maldives, South Korea, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Holland, UK etc.


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