25 Students Who Earned Scholarship to Study in Hungary Ready to Leave

PUBLISHED August 30, 2023 | updated August 30, 2023 03:01

25 students are set to leave for Hungary next month. 

A farewell has been organized for the 25 students who won the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program organized by the Hungarian government and Hungary's Honorary Consul General. 

Under an agreement signed between the Hungarian government and the Ministry of Higher Education in November 2021, the country has decided to provide 60 higher education scholarships free of cost to the Maldives. 

Under this agreement on higher education, Hungary has increased the number of scholarships it used to offer annually to maldivian students from 15 to 25.

Hungarian universities offer higher education opportunities, ranging from bachelor's to PhDs. Honorary Consul of Hungary to Maldives, Mohamed Ali Janah, said that the students selected for these scholarships will be provided with two-way tickets and all expenses including studies free of cost.

The scholarship offers opportunities in engineering, computer science, health and teaching.

Janah collaborated with the Hungarian Embassy in New Delhi to facilitate the visa application process for Maldivian students traveling to Hungary as part of the scholarship programme.



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