Tourist Arrivals to Maldives Surpasses 700,000

Photo: Kurumba Maldives
PUBLISHED August 21, 2021 | updated August 21, 2021 03:26

Maldives has welcomed a total of 700,594 tourists this year from January 1 to August 18, 2021.  

As per the latest statistics published by the Ministry of Tourism, Maldives has recorded a total of 700,594 tourists this year from January 1 to August 18, 2021. 

The top source market for tourist arrivals was Russia with 154,380 arrivals, followed by India with 132,745 tourist arrivals. Germany stood third with 39,948 tourist arrivals. Other top source markets include USA, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, and France. 

Ministry of Tourism informs that Maldives tourism is gradually picking up and bouncing back to pre-pandemic level. On July 16, 2021, tourist arrivals to Maldives for the year exceeded the 2020 annual total of 555,494. By August 18, the total arrivals to the Maldives exceeded 700,000 with an increase of 80% compared with that of 2020. Arrivals is gaining momentum in July as COVID-19 restrictions eased and borders reopened for South Asian markets. 

Daily average of tourist arrivals increased from 1,827 during the month of June to 4,900 as of third week of the August. While major markets such as Russia and India made full recovery with strong growth rates, new markets emerged from the European Region and the Middle East. As of August 18, 2021, top ten source markets to the Maldives were, Russia with 22.0% shares, India with 18.9% shares and Germany with 5.7% shares. 

According to latest vaccination updates, 93% of all resort employees have been fully-vaccinated while 98% of them have received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine.


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