Dhiraagu Supports ‘Young Fishers Club’ by Maldives Fishermen’s Association

PUBLISHED October 15, 2022 | updated October 15, 2022 03:13

Dhiraagu has partnered with Maldives Fishermen’s Association to support ‘Young Fisher’s Club’ to introduce and provide basic knowledge and understanding of the fishing, marine environment, and sustainability practices to students.  

A special ceremony was held at Ha.Ihavandhoo School to inaugurate the pilot programme for students. The ‘Young Fisher’s Club’ was officially inaugurated with 52 students from 7th and 8th grade of Ihavandhoo School, with a representation of 30 girls and 22 boys.  

The students will be trained and educated through a 1-year structured programme with hands-on practical sessions. All club members will be introduced to specific areas related to the Maldives fishing industry such as the history of Maldives’ fisheries industry, marine environment, weather, climate change, disaster management, biodiversity, safety at sea and first aid, fisheries management, post-harvest technology, navigation, and communication skills. Furthermore, students will also be exposed to life skills such as swimming, snorkelling, leadership, time management and teamwork.  

“Empowering young people is a key focus area in Dhiraagu's CSR strategy and it is our pleasure to support this key programme. We are hopeful that this initiative will allow young people to adapt sustainable practices, technologies and understand the challenges to the marine environment and would help form the right mindset and inspire them to take on further opportunities in this key industry,” stated Bishara Hameed, Manager Corporate Social Responsibility at Dhiraagu.  

"We are grateful for Dhiraagu’s trust in this programme and supporting this very new initiative to step ahead a new milestone in empowering the younger generation into the Maldivian fisheries industry. This initiative is a much-needed kick-start that would shape the future of our fisheries industry with a more professional, reliable, and enthusiastic work force,” stated the Secretary General of the Maldives Fishermen’s Association, Abdulla Shakir Mohamed.  

The Young Fishers Club activities will be conducted throughout the academic year and will address key areas related to fisheries harvesting and post harvesting sectors, sustainability practices, and related life skills through a well-rounded programme about the marine environment.  


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