Addu Promoted as a 'Jewel Across the Equator' at OTM Travel Trade Show Mumbai

PUBLISHED September 14, 2022 | updated September 14, 2022 03:16

Participants from Addu are showcasing a destination stall at the OTM Travel Trade Show in Mumbai from September 13 -15, 2022, exclusively promoting tourism in Addu. This is the first time Addu is represented as a destination in a major international tourism event. Lead by South Palm Maldives resort, the participants from Addu include Canareef Resort Maldives, Go Trip, Wave Sound by 3S, and GAN International Airport.  

In the exhibition, Addu is promoted as “a jewel across the equator” which is easily accessible via Sri Lankan Airlines which operates direct flights via Colombo to GAN from multiple cities in India and across the globe. 

With 1,000+ exhibitors from 55+ countries, OTM is one of the largest international travel trade shows in India and with India becoming the largest source market for Maldives post pandemic, OTM provides the perfect opportunity to showcase Addu as a destination within the Maldives.  

“This is the first of many similar efforts. We hope to expand our efforts and work collectively with all tourism stakeholders to market and promote tourism in Addu further and participate in many more events,” said Mr. Moosa Didi – CEO; South Palm Maldives.  


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