Paradise Island Resort & Spa Achieves International Environmental Green Key Award

PUBLISHED February 19, 2023 | updated February 19, 2023 04:44

Villa Resorts has announced that Paradise Island Resort & Spa has been awarded the International Environmental Green Key award. A leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry, this prestigious eco-label award represents Villa Resorts commitment to a sustainable way of life and preserving the Maldives fragile environment.

Paradise Island Resort, located in North Male’ Atoll have implemented a sustainability policy and concrete plan with objectives and annual actions formulated for continuous improvements in environmental management, social and cultural commitments and health and safety issues. The resort has developed strategies to keep the natural ecology of the island untouched for the future. This includes avoiding the use of pesticides and environmental pollutants and using natural alternatives as well as using eco cleaning products.

The installation of an advanced solar panel system aids in the resorts production of clean, renewable energy. Moreover, Paradise Island Resort & Spa continually monitors the usage of energy and water and has devised innovative initiatives to minimize usage with the aim to reduce the carbon footprint and work towards the goal to achieve carbon neutrality.

The resort has elected an Environment Manager and Environment Committee to oversee the environmental initiatives and continue to work towards annual goals. The high environmental standards that Paradise Resort has achieved to become Green Key certified will be maintained through rigorous documentation and frequent audits.

In addition to environmental initiatives, the resort demonstrates consistent commitment to ocean preservation. Paradise Island Resort’s dive center, diveOceanus have implemented a Coral Garden restoration programme in the hope to preserve and protect the coral reefs for the future. The restoration programme aims to reproduce healthier coral which will be resilient to ocean temperature changes and in future foster a healthier and more robust house reef.

Villa Resorts invite all guests to be part of a sustainable future by supporting the resort in their sustainable initiatives to save energy, recycle and conserve the natural environment; which in turn offers a more immersive adventure and inspires a deeper connection with the Maldives nature during their vacation.


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