Kihaadhoo Hosts Namoona INSPIRE Water Sports Festival 2022 with Participation from 10 Islands

PUBLISHED March 15, 2022 | updated March 15, 2022 02:37

Baa. Kihadhoo hosted the 3-day Namoona INSPIRE Water Sports Festival over the weekend that saw the participation of Baa Maalhos, Dharavandhoo, Dhonfanu, Kamadhoo, Kudarikilu, Kendhoo, Noonu Magoodhoo, Lhohi and Kudafari.  

The closing event held on March 11 to celebrate the newly trained Swimming and Water Rescue instructors through the Namoona INSPIRE programme, was attended by the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan, as the Chief Guest.  

Over 11 Swimming and Water Rescue Instructors graduated and were awarded certificates during the event. As part of this innovative and community driven course, the graduates reached over 400 individuals including women and children and provided lessons on swimming and water rescue.

To graduate, each of the participants had to complete a 150-hour course, consisting of 40 hours of theory, 60 hours of practical skills and 50 experience hours. The course was developed and conducted by the Maldives Swimming and Life Saving Skills Training School (MLSSTS). The aim of the program is to develop the next generation of environment and ocean stewards, and equip them with the skills to bring the ocean closer to their communities.  

“Despite being surrounded by the sea, it is surprising how many Maldivians are uncomfortable in the water. This course has equipped me with not just the knowledge to teach swimming and water rescue skills, but also how to look after my community as they enjoy the ocean,” said Instructor Ibrahim Nadeem from B.Kihaadhoo  

“What these instructors achieved is no small feat. It was a grueling, tough program. But as Namoona Swimming and Water Rescue instructors, they will be able to spread the knowledge all over the atoll, and soon enough, we will have people who are more comfortable in the ocean,” said the Course Director and Head Maldives Swimming and Life Saving Skills Training School, Mohamed Shizleen. 

“The work done by Soneva Namoona in training the Swimming and Water Rescue Instructors and communities to get more comfortable in the water is exemplary. It gives me great pleasure to be here as the Chief Guest. Congratulations to all the candidates who successfully finished the programme,” said Minister of Higher Education Dr. Ibrahim Hassan. 


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