ELCOME Conducts First-Ever ‘Live Life Raft Demonstration’ in Maldives

PUBLISHED June 11, 2023 | updated June 11, 2023 04:05

ELCOME, a leading marine technology system integrator together with Triangle Maritime, has successfully conducted the first-ever "Live Life Raft Demonstration" in Maldives. The event, held at Male’, Rasfannu Artificial Beach and Hulhumale’, Ruh’gandu 1, aimed to raise awareness among Maldivians about the importance of life rafts at sea and provided a unique opportunity to witness the functioning of these critical emergency equipment.

The main goal of the demonstration was to educate the local population about the vital role life rafts play during emergencies at sea. Participants had the chance to experience firsthand how a life raft operates and understand the essential features it offers in times of crisis. 

ELCOME showcased an 8-person life raft during the demonstration. Designed in compliance with Solas regulations and following the guidelines set by the maritime authorities and the Ministry of Transport, Maldives, this life raft demonstrated its rapid inflation capabilities. Within a remarkably short time span of 10 to 20 seconds, it inflated to its full shape, showcasing its efficiency and reliability.

ELCOME Dubai, renowned as one of the largest marine technology system integrators globally, provides its services across major shipping channels. The company caters to a wide range of marine vessels, including yachts, oil tankers, civilian and military ships, as well as country crafts. ELCOME offers an extensive portfolio of unique products and services, encompassing marine automation, navigational electronics, electric and communication systems, safety equipment, and mechanical and engineering solutions.


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