Siyam World Maldives ‘Pimps’ Guests Rides with Seabreachers, Mini Mokes and World’s First Water Bikes

PUBLISHED July 21, 2022

Indian Ocean iconoclast, Siyam World has unleashed a new fleet of custom Mini Mokes; adrenaline-pumping Seabreachers; and “the world’s first water bike”, Manta5’s Hydrofoiler XE-1, providing guests with three more eyepopping ways to motor away from the Maldives mainstream. 

On a mission to bring its guests the broadest offering of memorable escapades and never-done-before experiences, Siyam World made waves last year when it opened with the Indian Ocean’s biggest floating water park – and now it has rivals trailing in its wake once again after launching the Maldives’ first ever Seabreacher. With the aerodynamic lines of a fighter jet and a sculpted shark-like body, the Seabreacher represents a dramatic breakthrough in recreational boating. Operating more like an aircraft than a watercraft, these extraordinary semisubmersible vessels can jump over, dive under and carve left and right through the waves – and are even capable of 360-degree barrel rolls on the water. The Seabreacher’s acrylic canopy and underwater view ports give pilot and passenger near-360-degree views, while its supercharged 260hp engine propels them across the water at speeds of up to 50mph.  

For a more tranquil, yet singularly surreal take on conquering the waves, Siyam World guests can also experience the extraordinary Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 – the world’s first hydrofoil e-bikes. Capable of speeds up to 11 knots, these emission-free, wake-free, near-silent wave-riding phenomena harness the same technology as America’s Cup yachts to create a completely new cycling experience on water. 

Back on dry land, guests staying at The Beach House Collection - Siyam World’s exclusive enclave of 24 show-stopping one- to six-bedroom Residences - can also now explore the island’s trails in style with their very own custom Mini Moke. Recently revived and relaunched as the first heritage car marque to go fully electric, the British-made Mini Moke is the ultimate retro-chic beach whip. Each of Siyam World’s Mini Mokes comes with an onboard sound system and is named after a colourful 90s music legend - think “Green Day”, “Red Hot Chilli Peppers” and “Pink Floyd” - with a vibrant paintjob to match. 

Siyam World is an unapologetically quirky, all-embracing five-star all-inclusive island destination that transcends cultures and borders to offer guests an ever-expanding array of ‘never-seen-before’ experiences – from the Indian Ocean’s biggest floating water park to the Maldives’ first resort horse ranch. The natural 54-hectare island resort boasts an enticing variety of 19 accommodation categories ranging from 89 to 3,000 square metres, from lush Pool Beach Villas, expansive Beach Suites and breath-taking Beach Residences to playful overwater Villas complete with irresistible water slides. An exclusive enclave, The Beach House Collection, also features stunning Grand Water Pavilions and the magnificent Palace. All accommodation types overlook the pristine Maldivian waters, come with direct access to the ocean and feature generously proportioned indoor and outdoor living spaces with private pools. For booking enquires email: 


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