Oevaali Art Shop Moves to a Brand-New Location

PUBLISHED October 14, 2021

Oevaali Art Shop launched as an online store in 2015, and first opened doors in Male in September 2018, with a small boutique. 

Now, almost six years after its founding, Oevaali Art Shop is moving to a brand-new location. Imagined and conceptualized by the Oevaali Art Shop Partners, engaging all-Maldivian architects, builders and artisanal crafters, from the showroom to the dedicated art gallery, the echoes of Oevaali Art Shop’s love for natural textures, straight lines and contemporary minimalism can be perceived throughout the purpose-built 2-floor space.   

The entrance, in a facade of charcoal black, glass and ornamental lights draws you in to the ground floor, home to Oevaali Art Shop’s lifestyle collections, with the backdrop of seamless, concrete finished titanium floors, walls and ceilings. A black staircase leads to the next floor, up to an in-house Art Gallery and meeting spaces. Green potted plants throughout the shop and gallery resonate with the mesh of natural textures and modern finishes that is characteristic of Oevaali Art Shop’s art and design philosophy.  

Oevaali Art Shop is a premier and locally-loved lifestyle brand of fine art and products in the Maldives, inspired by the ocean and the seaside. All its works are irrevocably connected to the islands of Maldives and lifestyles; living by the currents, planning by the tides and chasing the sun. Where time doesn’t move hour to hour, but mood to moment. 


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