Velaa Private Island Makes MVR 750,000 Donation to 3 Local NGOs

PUBLISHED March 06, 2022 | updated March 06, 2022 03:25

Velaa Private Island, Maldives once again makes grand donation to three non-profit/non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of Maldives as part of its yearly donation plan and in celebration of a great start for the year 2022.  

The resort donated total MVR 750,000 to Care Society, Cancer Society and Thalassemia society of Maldives in which each received MVR 250,000. The yearly support to these NGOs started in 2018, under Velaa’s charity program commenced on its 5-year anniversary. 

General Manager of Velaa Private Island, Wayne Milgate said, “Five years ago, when we started working with these organizations, the world was a very different place and often in these difficult times it is the non-profit organisations that struggles the most and are the ones that needs the most support. You may be rest assured, that our contribution and support will remain for these great NGOs and their initiatives, and we are very proud and privileged to be able to share our support for these wonderful causes.” 

Velaa Private Island have been continuously donating to the Maldivian communities, NGOs as well as to the government during the most needful times and in their effort of giving back to the country in return for the support of locals. 


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