ENZI Signs as a Gift Partner for F&B Show 2022

PUBLISHED March 12, 2022 | updated March 12, 2022 04:25

ENZI has signed as a Gift Partner for the 5th edition of Food & Beverage Show. The event is set to be held from June 2 to June 4, 2022 at Central Park, Hulhumale’.   

Organized by Highrise, F&B show will bring together the food and beverage industry of the Maldives in an exclusive show, attracting domestic and international attendees from resorts, hotels, guest houses, liveaboards, restaurant and foodservice operators, foodservice consultants, manufacturer’s agents, food brokers, food distributors, food and beverage wholesalers, exporters / importers, equipment manufacturers, culinary experts, etc.   

Food & Beverage Show is your opportunity to explore and sample the largest selection of foods and beverages, catering to the taste of the Maldives. F&B Show pre-event marketing and promotions will commence in a series of exciting and interactive activities from February 2022 onwards. For the latest updates and activities of the event, follow @highrise on Facebook and @highriseint on Instagram.   

WAMS Pvt Ltd is a food production and bakery business which is subsidiary of Ensis Fisheries Pvt Ltd. WAMS operates the popular ENZI brand of bakery and local food products.  

In addition to distribution via general retail stores and supply channels to restaurants and resorts, WAMS operates stores in Male’ Hulhumale’ under the ENZI brand, selling high quality fresh fish items as well as delicious Maldivian processed tuna products such as Mugurimas, authentic Rihaakuru, canned tuna, healthy brown bread and many more varieties of other bakery and pastry products. 



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