A Successful Night of Storytelling with “Tales of Maldives” Launch Event Concluded

PUBLISHED October 24, 2021 | updated October 24, 2021 02:36

For the first time ever, Visit Maldives unveiled “Tales of Maldives” stories to a global audience through a special Facebook Live Event. Held on October 20 at 8PM MVT. A total of 9 short films exploring the folklore and folktales of the Maldives were showcased during the 1-hour event. In order to entice viewers, a raffle sponsored by Radisson Blu Maldives was held and the lucky winner won a free vacation to the Maldives. 

Visit Maldives emphasized on the important need for us to promote and showcase our folklore and folktales, stories, and tales of magic and wonder. These stories are interwoven with natural breathtaking beauty, it is a crucial element of what makes up the “Maldivian” identity. “Tales of Maldives'' , a series of short films is produced to showcase some of our most captivating stories, to carry on the tradition of powerful story-telling. From the well-known tales of Don Hiyala and Alifulhu to the role of magic and the supernatural in Maldivian society, we delved deep into the Maldivian landscape to tell stories of romance, intrigue, magic, and wonder. 

“We are a collection of fantastic tales that provide a glimpse into our rich history and culture, and it is imperative that we pass these stories down. As our forefathers had done before, we are here to pass down these stories to you.” stated Thoyyib Mohamed, Managing Director of Visit Maldives. 

The event showcased nine stories from Maldivian folklore - The First Coconuts, The Giant Triton Shell, Maldivian Magic, Dhon Hiyala and Alifulhu, Communal Spirit in Maldives, Satho Raha, Bodu Niyama Thakurufaanu, Body Mas Meeha and The Legend of Koimalaa. 

These stories will create a deep-rooted emotional connection and love among our target audiences to the Maldives and its people, culture, folklore, natural assets and experiences appealing to both locals and foreigners. The stories will also kick-start a journey towards achieving a highly powerful brand resonance and identity. The story is one element of a series of campaigns the corporation is conducting to tell stories that resonate and market the Maldives as the magical paradise its known for.


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