The Chefs Guild of Maldives Holds Annual General Meeting and Announces New Executive Board

PUBLISHED November 09, 2023 | updated November 09, 2023 03:49

The Chefs Guild of Maldives (CGM) has held its highly anticipated Annual General Meeting, a dynamic event that celebrates the achievements of the past year and set the stage for the organization's ambitious plans for the future. The event, held at Champa Central Hotel on November 8, witnessed an esteemed gathering of culinary experts and special invitees who shared a common passion for culinary excellence and innovation.

The welcome address, delivered by CGM Exco Member Mr. Ishaq Solih, emphasized the importance of camaraderie and collaboration within the culinary community, setting the stage for a day of productive discussions and meaningful interactions.

Subsequently, the attendees were treated to an inspiring keynote address by renowned Executive Coach and Mentor, Mr. Afeef Hussain, focusing on the themes of optimism, positivity & creativity. Mr. Hussain's insights resonated deeply with the audience, igniting a collective sense of purpose and determination.

A brief intermission provided attendees with an opportunity to engage in informal discussions and networking, fostering a sense of camaraderie and goodwill among the participants.

The highlight of the day was the Annual General Meeting, where key agenda items were deliberated upon with precision and foresight. Led by the Secretary General of CGM, Ms. Maha Naseer, the AGM included crucial discussions on the organization's annual Report, approval of annual accounts, and the endorsement of proposed amendments. The gathering also witnessed the introduction of the new Executive Committee members, who were welcomed with enthusiasm and support from the entire assembly. Mariyam Noordeen, a distinguished leader in human capital development for tourism in the Maldives, was elected as the President of the CGM (Chef Guild of Maldives).

A notable moment during the AGM was the introduction of the Proposed Draft Strategic Goals and Action Plan for 2023-2026, underscoring the guild's commitment to innovation and progress within the culinary landscape of Maldives.



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