Qatar Airways Marks 20 Years of Operation to the Maldives

PUBLISHED December 19, 2021 | updated December 19, 2021 02:53

A colorful celebration was held at Velana International Airport to commemorate Qatar Airways' 20th anniversary of flying to the Maldives. Qatar Airways has been a strong associate to the Maldives since its inception back in 2001.  

To mark the anniversary, Maldives Airports Company Limited, in collaboration with Qatar Airways Maldives, welcomed Qatar Airways' first flight to Velana international airport with a water salute and traditional Boduberu on December 17, 2021. Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, Minister of Tourism, and Mr. Ibrahim Thoha, acting in charge of MACL was present at the welcoming event. A ceremonial cake was cut to celebrate the occasion. 

Minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom states the importance of Qatar airways in bridging the world to the Maldives. “Congratulations and Best Wishes to Qatar Airways on their 20th Anniversary of flying to the Maldives. From the commencement of its flights to the Maldives, Qatar Airways has played a very important role in bridging the world to Maldives. We convey special appreciation to Qatar Airways for being the first airline to resume flights upon Maldives reopening its borders on 15th July 2020. We hope that Qatar Airways will continue its ever-engaging contributions and be a strong partner in Maldives tourism development and promotion".  

Qatar Airways continued flights to the Maldives despite the harsh conditions created by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Qatar is one of the first airlines to resume scheduled flights to the Maldives once the border is reopened in July 2020. As we are closing in to the pre-covid figures, Qatar airline has been instrumental in meeting the demand of travelers visiting to the Maldives.  

Referring to the impact that Qatar Airways has created on the tourism industry, the Acting In charge of Maldives Airports Company Ltd Mr. Ibrahim Thoha said “with its steady performance Qatar Airways become a major partner with increasing number of flights and passengers. We have seen the dedication and the drive of Qatar Airways in the most vulnerable times of Covid -19 Pandemic. Qatar Airways was the very first Airline to start its service after our border reopened and I want to thank the airline for the huge impact it created on our Tourism. On behalf of MACL I want to congratulate the management & staff of Qatar Airways on their 20th Anniversary of flying to the Maldives and I’m confident that the airline will continue to add value to our airport”.  

Qatar Airways resumed scheduled flights with 21 flights per week following the reopening of the border. With the steady and strong demand to Maldives, Qatar Airways now operates 28 flights per week. Carrying over 1,000 passengers per day and over 36,000 per month. It has been recognized as the link between Doha and the Maldives, as well as the world’s connection to the sunny side of life.  


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