Allied - Reaching New Heights in Service Digitalization

PUBLISHED July 12, 2021 | updated July 12, 2021 02:05

Considering the current situation during a pandemic, companies have been exploring the work from home option and encouraging customers to choose the online option. While all the business people in the country has set goals to stabilize the country’s economy during these trying times, different businesses are using different digital tactics. 

Ever since the pandemic was declared in 2020, among the many companies that have adhered to the work from home trend, Allied Insurance company has been known for switching their services to the digital world, providing modern and innovative solutions. Allied being one of those innovative companies, mentioned then that this was a challenging yet rather necessary change that they brought to ensure the health and well-being of their staff and customers. They have been providing their services online smoothly, without any interruptions all thanks to their qualified innovation team. 

With years of experience, Allied has introduced many solutions to provide easy and customer friendly services. The company’s proud innovation team of 100% Maldivians have been introducing new solutions, each of them getting continuous support from the public. One of the most important services right now is the MyAllied portal. (

MyAllied portal is specially designed to provide Allied and Ayady’s services online. This portal helps to reduce the amount of time you spend browsing the website and purchase a service of your liking through this customer-friendly portal, saving you time and effort. 

Some of the services you can get via the MyAllied portal are Allied Inbound, Expatriate Plus, Motor third party plans, Motor E sticker generation, submitting your health claims and monitoring its status. Along with all this, Allied has recently introduced a smart quote option to the MyAllied portal which allows you to generate the estimated premium rate for your marine hull insurance on the spot. While this portal eases Allied’s general customers, this portal also includes several simplicities to its, corporate clients. 

The MyAllied portal project was lead by Ms. Aishath Adnan, Deputy Manager in Information Systems Department. Aisha has stated that she is content with the customer satisfaction of the product since the main aim was to provide customers with an easy solution. Aisha also said that her team will be focusing on developing the portal in an even more time saving and friendly manner. She also added that allied always welcomes customer feedback and try to develop their services according to customer needs.  


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