MACL Celebrates the International Air Traffic Controllers Day 2022

PUBLISHED October 22, 2022 | updated October 22, 2022 03:58

This year marks the 100th anniversary of air traffic control in the world. Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) organized an event on Thursday evening to celebrate the International ‘Air Traffic Controllers' Day.  

Speaking on the occasion, MACL's Deputy Managing Director, Ibrahim Thoha, stressed the critical role that air traffic controllers had from the past to the present and emphasized the recent new runway operations at Velana International Airport (VIA). To begin operating the code-F runway with a parallel taxiway, air traffic controllers went through several stages of training to ensure that the operation was efficient and safe. Thoha also stated that VIA expects greater traffic during the upcoming peak season and that air traffic controllers along with ground operations would have to work together to deliver more effective and safe travel for all.  

Reflecting on the growth of aviation in the Maldives, Thoha remarked that there are about 1200 landings and takeoffs every day in Maldives airspace of which 800 are from VIA. There are 17 airports, with one more set to open before the end of this year. The Maldives has about 100 floating platforms for seaplanes. Thoha added that these data indicate the need for safer and more effective air traffic operations throughout the country, and MACL is equipped with cutting-edge technology to meet the need.  

Speaking at the ceremony, Ibrahim Hameed, General Manager of Air Traffic Services, acknowledged MACL's contribution to the development of air traffic training in Maldives. Hameed further stated that MACL funds all most all air traffic controllers serving in the Maldives, demonstrating the vital role that MACL plays in training and strengthening the skills and expertise of air traffic controllers.  

MACL established the country's first tower simulator at VIA on December 2021. The Tower Simulator will allow training by simulating real traffic conditions at Maldives airports. This is also a great chance for young people who want to get into air traffic control as a career.  

Addressing at the event the former ATC Chief Mr. Ahmed Nazim specified about the history of air traffic control and recognized the advancement that MACL has contributed to the aviation industry.  

The event was attended by staff and management of MACL and also retired air traffic controllers. To commemorate the occasion, a ceremonial cake was cut during the event.  


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