Maldives Welcomes Over 50,000 Tourists from China In 2024

PUBLISHED February 27, 2024

The Ministry of Tourism has announced a significant milestone: over 50,000 tourist arrivals from China have been recorded in the Maldives so far this year. This marks a strong resurgence in Chinese tourism to the island nation.

As of February 24, the Maldives has welcomed a total of 378,245 tourists. This represents a 16.2% increase compared to the same period in 2023, when 325,423 arrivals were recorded.

China currently holds the top spot for tourist arrivals in the Maldives, with 51,984 visitors. Other leading source markets include Russia (36,423), Italy (35,834), the United Kingdom (33,401), and India (25,096).

The Maldives is currently seeing a daily average of 7,744 tourist arrivals, with visitors staying an average of 7.8 days. Notably, February 10th saw a record-breaking 10,213 arrivals in a single day.

The government’s initial target for 2024 was 2 million tourist arrivals. However, the Ministry of Tourism now projects that the actual number will exceed this goal, potentially reaching approximately 2.3 million visitors.


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