Embrace the Art of Coffee, Embrace the Astrabon Experience

PUBLISHED June 11, 2024

Coffee lovers, let yourself be enchanted by the finest taste and aroma, and the great convenience of having Caffitaly, the ultimate single serving espresso system. Astrabon offers Caffitaly machines to bring a professional dimension to the art of coffee drinking with compact, quality capsules that produce a rich and tasty espresso, right from the convenience of your home or workplace. In the Maldives, paradise isn’t just on coastline and crystal-clear sea. It is about the success, the gentlemen’s lifestyle, and inviting a person to take a sip out of the cup of prosperity. For the more selective palates, it should even come with freshly brewed coffee every time.

The bits of beauty and elegance of the Caffitaly system are certainly Italian features that bring rich and great tasting coffee straight into the palate of the coffee lovers but without the fuss. The Caffitaly system is a fine piece of engineering ingenuity created for people who want only the best coffee but with zero effort. Unlike their conventional counterparts, Caffitaly uses single-serving capsules to maintain the same taste as well as easy brewing.

Caffitaly capsules have a two-porous filter system that ensures that water flows evenly to ensure that you enjoy a satisfying drink with each cup. Just by touching a button on the device, one can instantaneously produce a cup of coffee that is comparable to the one that you would get from a local barista. There is no need to grind while mixing, measure how much clean is required, or clean in any way. These machines come in different designs to suit the style of any home or office and by virtue of their size, they can be recommended for even the most conservative spaces.

As the premier coffee destination in the Maldives, Astrabon is the most advanced implementation of the Caffitaly system. Regarding our Caffitaly machines and capsules, we guarantee that we don’t compromise on quality and price. But it is the best collection of coffee capsules that can hardly be found elsewhere and that makes us unique. We have taken our time to ensure that we have included the best blends that can be requested by even the most premium coffee drinker.

Sink into a range of hot chocolate and tea capsules just to give caffeine lovers the kind of different experience they want. Whether it is the first coffee of the day in the mild form of a strong espresso or a cup of warm tea after the working day in the way of herbal morsels, the Caffitaly system and our selection of capsules will satisfy the appetite. Entertain your guest with a selection of coffees and teas, all of which can be prepared by simply pressing a button. Caffitaly coffee machine and a set of capsules available at Astrabon are perfect for any event or as a gift to a loved one.

Make your coffee a pleasure for all senses’ taste, creativity, and convenience of Caffitaly are waiting for you now. Experience the exquisite pleasure of the perfect cup of coffee. Explore the Caffitaly System for exceptional coffee experiences


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