Maldives Border Miles Partners with Whale Submarine to Offer Up to 50% Discounts for Members

PUBLISHED March 21, 2022 | updated March 21, 2022 04:38

Whale Submarine, the largest deep-diving passenger submarine in the world, becomes a partner of the Maldives Border Miles. They offer up to 50% discount to the members. 

If you are to spend a day, or part of the day in the capital Male’ City, a dive with Whale Submarine could be an excellent opportunity, especially for non-divers, to visit the mysterious depths of the ocean to explore the underwater world. With 50 comfortable seats, the Whale Submarine is certified to dive up to 150 meters. 

Imagine there was a clear blue mass of the sea around you, the blazing light of the bright red sun reflecting off the water, and around the submarine you could see a giant goliath fish swimming around and many other fish, including schools of silvery salmon and semi-big sharks gliding through the crystal-clear water. Also, cruise through an underwater garden with tropical fish. This is exactly what you will experience during your 45-minute dive. On board the submarine, you will descend to a submerged reef 40 meters beneath the surface. 

With over 20 years of experience, the team at Whale Submarine are professionals specializing in operating underwater dives. The team are well trained and ensure that your journey will be full of joy and excitement with the team. The cabin of the submarine is fully air-conditioned and has a normal atmospheric pressure, so your breath will be normal. 

The great news for the members of the Maldives Border Miles is that they offer unbelievable discounts to the members. Aida members are offered a 5% discount, Antara members a 15% discount, and for Abaarana members, they only charge half price. 

If you have never been on a submarine, this is your chance to go and dive on one of the most advanced passenger tourist Submarine in the world. Whether you are young or old, visit the underwater world without getting wet while enjoying the sensation of diving in a submarine and earn points through Whale Submarine Maldives. 


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