Unscripted Dining at The Nautilus Maldives

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PUBLISHED September 14, 2021 | updated September 14, 2021 00:41

At The Nautilus, even dining takes its cue from the resort’s style of free-spirited, bohemian escape. ‘Unscripted’ means eating what you feel like, when you feel like, wherever you feel like. It means unhurried pleasure, with tailored servings that cater to your taste and every need. And it’s the freedom of choice – whether dining indoors or al fresco, among other travelers or in the exclusive company of your loved ones. Here are some guidelines of what you can expect from this approach. 

Beyond the bounds of time 

Across the island paradise, you won’t find any clocks or timetables. Nothing is fixed, everything is fluid, unrushed. Instead, you’re invited to enjoy the rhythms of nature – sunrises and sunsets, high tides and low tides, the wax and wane of the moon. You’re encouraged to awaken the natural rhythms of your body and soul; to slip into afternoon naps and spontaneous mealtimes. 

To paint a picture of how The Nautilus facilitates this kind of escape from the clock, some suggestions have been put together for guests. Decide, at your leisure, what to do – or not do. 

1. Your particular tastes, served anytime 

There are no rigid menus or schedules, closing times or dress codes. Rather, we delight in catering to your every whim, as the moment takes you. All-day breakfasts, bubbly in bed, midnight feasts – whatever your imagination can cook up, exceptional chefs are on-call. Want the kitchen to surprise you with a culinary creation? Consider it done. 

2. Indoors, outdoors, anywhere dining  

Why limit a special meal to the indoors? Embrace island-style living with al fresco dining at its finest: 360-degree views of natural splendor, moonlit dinners that never end – accompanied by the soft sounds of lapping water or the relaxing melodies of acoustic entertainment. Wander barefoot across pristine shores to a barbecue on the beach. Or hop aboard a luxury yacht to enjoy breakfast and bubbles on a secluded sandbank or while drifting on the bluest stretch of sea. 

3. Culinary creativity by world-class chefs 

The Nautilus’s award-winning chefs are gifted in off-the-cuff, unrehearsed brilliance. They love veering off the menu; exploring new ideas, creating epicurean innovations, combining premium ingredients to craft dishes tailored specifically to your tastes. Inform chefs of your particular wants and needs, and allow yourself to be wowed by their culinary mastery, with delights you didn’t even know you needed. 

4. Private dining, precious moments 

Share a curated feast in an intimate setting – with your loved ones, and no one else. Your personal chef will conjure up bespoke dishes tailored to your tastes and preferences – whether you choose to dine in a hideaway island location or in the comfort of your holiday home. Whether a decadent seven-course dinner with the family, a romantic meal for two accompanied only by live musicians, or a private pool party at your gorgeous infinity pool – complete with a DJ and personal bartender – the options are limited only by your imagination. 

A feast of restaurant options  

Luxury is all about the ability to pick and choose, so enjoy the freedom of sampling any or every one of its four distinctive restaurants – no dress codes, no menus needed. Zeytoun offers fine dining with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors, where expert chefs craft culinary masterpieces. Ocaso, an al fresco eatery where the scene is set by sandy beaches and ocean sunsets, specializes in grilled food from Japan, Mexico and Peru. Thyme’s welcoming beachfront venue serves an array of global tastes to delight the senses, and Naiboli – famous poolside lounge – serves complimentary gourmet canapés throughout the day, in the laid-back comfort of loungers and cabanas. 

New taste discoveries 

Finally, for all the keen foodies with an appetite for discovery, The Nautilus hosts various pop-up masterclasses and special events exploring local delicacies, food trends and epicurean innovation. The island’s resident experts will guide you on a food-lover’s journey, highlighting the ins and outs of specific cooking and preparation skills. 

You can see why these unscripted, unhurried dining choices make The Nautilus the perfect island destination for foodies and gourmets seeking excellent food and impeccable service. 


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