Ooredoo Masrace 2023: Setting Records and Making History

PUBLISHED September 03, 2023 | updated September 03, 2023 03:15

The Ooredoo Masrace 2023 tournament was not just a battle of fishing skills; it was a showcase of extraordinary achievements and a testament to the passion of the Maldivian fishing community. This year's tournament, held in celebration of Ooredoo Maldives' 18th Anniversary, was held across the nation and exceeded all expectations. As anglers cast their lines, they embarked on a journey that led to record-breaking catches, historic firsts, and a celebration of Maldivian fishing like never before.

Breaking the record set by Stelco Women who won the Ooredoo Masrace 2022, Team Reef Riders from Fuvahmulah City scored 1,326.45 points, Kulhudhuffushi City scored 1214.25 points, while Sony Fishing Team from Male’ City won the tournament with 860 points.

"It is a matter of great pride for the fishing lovers that Ooredoo Masrace has expanded to all parts of the country this year. On behalf of Bulhikendi team, we would like to express our gratitude to Ooredoo for allowing us to participate and compete in the biggest fishing competition in the Maldives. With the announcement of Masrace across the cities, a lot of fishermen from Kulhudhuffushi were excited and started preparing for the tournament. Securing Ooredoo Masrace 2023 Championship from Kulhudhuffushi City is a great achievement for us. Our hope is that we will be able to participate in The Ooredoo Masreh in the coming years. We are ready to take the trophy for the second time as well." said Mohamed Umar, Kulhudhuffushi City Champion - Team Bulhikendi.

Interesting catches that made history in Ooredoo Masrace 2023:

One of the most remarkable statistics from Ooredoo Masrace 2023 was the capture of multiple Billfish during the competition. Billfish, known for their elusive nature and formidable size, are a prized catch for any angler. This year's tournament witnessed a groundbreaking achievement, with not one but several Billfish caught. Team Bulhi Kendi and the runner-up team, Team Latti Kulhudhuffushi City, made history by capturing three Billfish collectively. This achievement is a testament to the rich marine biodiversity of the Maldives and the exceptional skills of the participating teams.

Another historic first in Ooredoo Masrace history was the capture of the Promethean escolar, locally known as Kattelhi. This deep-sea dweller is a rare and challenging catch for fishermen. What made this feat even more extraordinary was that not one but two champion teams managed to reel in this elusive fish.Team Fehurihi from Addu City and Team Reef Raiders from Fuvahmulah City both etched their names in the record books by capturing the elusive Kattelhi. This rare catch highlights the diverse marine life that thrives in the Maldives' pristine waters.

Heaviest Catches from Ooredoo Masrace 2023

The Heaviest Catch category saw some truly impressive statistics, with fishes of astonishing sizes reeled in by skilled anglers who won a special gift pack from Sea Gear Maldives, which included high-quality rods, spinning reels, rashguards, and dry tube bags.

Male' City: Waleed from Team Sonee Fishing pulled in a colossal Giant Trevally weighing a jaw-dropping 17.54 kilograms, showcasing the potential for astonishing catches in the capital city.

Kulhudhuffushi City: Hassan Ali from Team Bulhi Kendi made waves with a remarkable Billfish weighing an astonishing 25.85 kilograms, setting a high bar for future tournaments.

Addu City: Naja from Team Fehurihi landed a remarkable Wahoo (Kurumas) weighing 5.5 kilograms, proving that big catches can be found even in the southernmost city.

Fuvahmulah City: Abdulla Ibrahim from Team Reef Raiders secured not only the championship title but also the Heaviest Catch title with a Ruby weighing an impressive 8.05 kilograms, underscoring the diversity of fish species in Fuvahmulah's waters.

Outstanding Anglers:

The competition also recognized the Best Fisherman and Best Fisherwoman from each city. These remarkable individuals showcased their dedication and skills by reeling in impressive catches.

Male' City: Naushad from Team Crunchies emerged as the Best Fisherman, demonstrating exceptional skills by landing a total of 17 catches. Fezu from DetuneFishing was recognized as the Best Fisherwoman, adding to the diversity of talents displayed.

Kulhudhuffushi City: Adam Hilmee from Team Latti claimed the title of Best Fisherman with 16 catches, while Khadheeja Moosa from Team Dhamaa Nagaa showed her prowess as the Best Fisherwoman.

Addu City: Ibrahim Abdulla from Team Happy Market was crowned the Best Fisherman, contributing significantly to his team with a total of 7 catches. Azlifa Azeez from Team Fehurihi was recognized as the Best Fisherwoman.

Fuvahmulah City: Abdulla Ibrahim secured the Best Fisherman title with an impressive total of 17 catches, while Safa Adnan from Team Meyre Bol stood out as the Best Fisherwoman, showcasing her angling skills.

Ooredoo Masrace 2023 was not just a fishing tournament; it was a platform where records were shattered, rare catches were made, and the fishing community of the Maldives showcased its exceptional talents. These special statistics and historic "firsts" underscore the magnitude of this event and the passion that drives the participants to explore the depths of the ocean and make their mark in the world of fishing. As the Maldivian fishing tradition continues to thrive, Ooredoo Masrace promises even more exciting adventures and achievements in the years to come. 



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