Successful Conclusion of the Inaugural Maldives Marine Industry Forum

PUBLISHED May 28, 2023 | updated May 28, 2023 04:10

The first-ever Maldives Marine Industry Forum, facilitated by Medium Events Pvt Ltd and the National Boating Association of Maldives (NBAM) has been concluded successfully. The event, held on May 27, brought together prominent stakeholders from the marine industry, creating an environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The forum aimed to identify crucial issues and drive the growth of the local marine industry while raising awareness about key challenges faced by the sector. Through engaging panel discussions, the event fostered a domino effect, inspiring participants to take collective action and secure a steadfast future for the Maldives Marine Industry.

During the course of the forum, attendees were privileged to witness five enlightening panel discussions, which delved into various pertinent topics:

1. Marine Logistics and Regulations: Esteemed panelists, including Captain Abdulla Saeed, Captain Ahmed Maumoon, Ms. Mariyam Visam, Mr. Abdul Rasheed Ibrahim, and Mr. Shahid Ali, shared their expertise on navigating the intricacies of marine logistics and regulations.

2. Boating Tourism and Safety: Industry luminaries, such as Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, Mr. Ahmed Afrah, Mr. Ahmed Shabiq, Mr. Hussain Nazeer, and Captain Mohamed Zaid, exchanged valuable insights on promoting boating tourism while ensuring the highest standards of safety.

3. Boat Building and Connectivity: The panel discussion on boat building and connectivity featured distinguished speakers Mr. Ahmed Zameer, Mr. Ismail Shareef, Mr. Costas Eliopoulos, Mr. Ashvaal Rasheed, and Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim, who shared their perspectives on advancing the industry through innovation and connectivity.

4. Fuel & Bunkering: Participants gained valuable knowledge on fuel and bunkering from esteemed panelists Mr. Hussain Aman, Ms. Aisha Anika Naseer, Mr. Mohamed Shuaib Ahmed, Mr. Ahmed Riffath, and Mr. Ahmed Khaleel, who explored the challenges and opportunities in this vital aspect of the marine industry.

5. Seafood: The final panel discussion focused on the supply, demand, and challenges of the seafood market, with insights shared by Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan, Mr. Umar Jamaal, Mr. Adil Saleem, Dr. M. Shiham Adam, and Mohamed Shujau – Chef MED.

The Maldives Marine Industry Forum successfully accomplished its objectives, fostering dialogue, networking, and knowledge exchange among industry stakeholders. By addressing crucial issues and sharing innovative ideas, the forum has laid the foundation for a more vibrant and sustainable marine sector in the Maldives.



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