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PUBLISHED November 06, 2023 | updated November 06, 2023 03:12

Picture this: It’s late afternoon. You’ve had a big lunch and are lying on a lounger on a pristine white-sand beach. The temperature is just right, there’s crystal clear turquoise waters all around, and you fall asleep to the soothing sound of the gentle waves crashing onto the shore. Upon rousing, you see a long-legged heron in the distance, and the sky is ablaze with glorious hues of purple and orange. The number of things you can do in the Maldives are endless, so are the reasons, but here are some for now to get you thinking. Once you’re done with the thinking, start planning, booking and getting ready for your best ever adventure for the coming year.

Fly to the Maldives in ‘private jet’-style with Beond

Prepare for an unparalleled journey with Beond Airlines, a business-class-only airline based in the Maldives, promising a bespoke and meticulously designed flying experience with upcoming routes connecting Munich, Riyadh and Zurich to Malè. With an Airbus A319 aircraft initially and A321ceo planes to follow, Beond is set to offer a selection of 44-seat and 68-seat configurations, adding diversity to the journey experience.

While the airline sets its sights on expanding to 60 cities and acquiring 32 aircrafts within the next five years, its primary focus remains on the Maldives. 

Did someone say Boat Trip?

Embark on an extraordinary adventure across the breathtaking Maldives seas. Picture the serenity of cruising along crystal-clear waters, navigating 510 mile north-south through stunning atolls and islands that form this tropical paradise. Experience the enchanting beauty of this unique destination where every wave tells a story, offering a perfect retreat for those seeking both tranquility and adventure. Indulge in the luxury of exploring the hidden gems of the Maldives aboard a cruise, discovering its rich marine life, vibrant coral reefs, and the captivating essence of this maritime haven.

Unleash Your Inner Mermaid at Pullman Maldives

Photo: Pullman Maldives Maamutaa

Experience the enchantment of Maamutaa island as it welcomes mermaids to its shores in 2024. Not only can you spot these mystical beings around the resort, but you can also live out your mermaid fantasy. Pullman Maldives is breaking the mold by offering the innovative PADI mermaid program, making it the first resort in the Maldives to do so. Seize the exclusive opportunity to learn the art of becoming a mermaid during your vacation while earning a certification in PADI mermaid program – an extraordinary adventure not to be overlooked in 2024.

Beyond Romance

Let's clear up a common misconception. You don't have to be in love or commemorating a honeymoon or anniversary to make a trip to the Maldives worthwhile. Bringing along a loved one, someone with whom you want to share this special experience, can indeed enhance your visit. However, it's essential to remember that love can be expressed in various forms.

In short, the Maldives is stunning and can evoke a sense of romance, but the breathtaking scenery is not limited to the affectionate gazes shared by a couple in love.

Drive on the waters around Maafushi

Photo: seefromtheoceans

Seize the moment on an aquatic journey across the stunning blue waters around Maafushi. Promising an adrenaline-fueled and entirely novel experience crafted for those seeking an adventurous thrill beyond the ordinary. Every Jet car ride guarantees an unparalleled, hassle-free, and unforgettable saltwater adventure. Step into a different world the moment you set foot inside these luxurious jet cars!

Maldives' First Floating Villa Resort with Soneva Secret

Named Soneva Secret for good reason, this upcoming retreat nestled in one of the Maldives' most secluded regions, Haa Dhaalu, promises an escape like no other. Scheduled to open its doors on January 10, 2024, this floating villa resort vows to deliver on its commitment to sun, sea, and sand, accentuated by a remarkable element of privacy. With an array of 14 overwater and island villas, including clandestine hideaways reachable solely by boat and the Maldives' premier floating villa, guests can anticipate an ultimate overwater stay surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Each room and villa is dedicated to offering personalized services, ensuring an indelible immersion in nature, all while being meticulously designed with sustainability in mind. Notably, the overwater villas are intentionally structured to remain unaffected by wave movements and can solely be accessed via the sea.

Embrace Holistic Healing in the Maldives

Choose Maldives to experience a one-of-a-kind wellness retreat, where a fusion of expert healers from across the globe converge to curate tailored programs designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. These high-end resorts are committed to offer top-tier service and amenities exemplified through an ever-evolving lineup of visiting practitioners, spanning reiki specialists, Watsu therapists, acupuncturists, crystal sound healers, and more. With a focus on holistic well-being, the practitioners guide you through an array of practices, from sound healing to naturopathy to the aqua therapy methods of Watsu.

Plunge into blue

Photo: Skydive Maldives Ifuru Island 

Embark on an exhilarating journey in 2024 with a thrilling adventure awaiting at Ifuru Island in the Maldives. This stunning destination hosts the Maldives’ exclusive permanent skydiving spot, a result of a collaboration with the 21k-jump World Champion skydiver, Will Penny. Complemented by its very own private airport, Ifuru Island promises an unforgettable skydiving experience within a tropical paradise.

Take a leap boldly into the skies above Ifuru Island in the Maldives, ascending to the heavens before plunging into the endless blue. Absorb the breathtaking 360-degree panorama, where the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, the scattered jewels of islands, and the vibrant reefs combine to create a mesmerizing spectacle, offering a unique perspective on this paradise.

Dive into Marine Conservation at SHELL

Embark on an educational journey at the Sea Hub for Environmental Learning (SHELL) in Six Senses Laamu, an innovative space designed for immersive marine conservation experiences. Host to the Maldives Underwater Initiative (MUI), a collaboration between Six Senses Laamu marine biologists and partner NGOs, it offers a central exhibition area showcasing diverse marine life and various facilities such as a gallery, marine laboratory, cinema, and children's zone—all integrating state-of-the-art technology with conservation-inspired art. The MUI team leads interactive activities, research, and supports sustainable resource management in Laamu, catering to researchers and advocating for the protection of marine ecosystems—a vital focus in today's world. 

Our big-hearted welcome and famous faces…

Photo: Visit Maldives

All across the Maldives, you’ll see people hard at work. It’s in our blood. There’s always fish to be caught, trails to be walked, tunes to be played, tales to be told and infectious smiles to be had. And we’re more than happy to share all of that with you.

These little things represent our essence - our boundless passion, genuine warmth, profound respect for tradition, and a strong connection to our land. Each facet encapsulates a unique narrative, intricately enhancing the tapestry of your journey in the Maldives.

Whatever experiences you choose, our big-hearted hosts are eager to welcome you as you wholeheartedly embrace the immense spirit that thrives within us.



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