Gen Z Maldives Joins as Exhibitor for the Food & Beverage Show 2024

PUBLISHED December 04, 2023 | updated December 04, 2023 04:25

The latest edition of the F&B Show is scheduled to be held on 18th, 19th, and 20th January 2024 at Central Park, Hulhumale’.

Food & Beverage Show

The Food & Beverage Show, organized by Highrise Pvt Ltd, is renowned as the premier exhibition in Maldives exclusively dedicated to showcasing the finest in food and beverages, promises an unparalleled culinary experience where the attendees immerse themselves in a world of gastronomic delights, exploring innovative beverages and delectable treats that cater to every discerning palate.

Gen Z Maldives

Your go-to place for authentic Korean culinary delights. As the sole distributor of Yopokki products in the Maldives, they offer a range of instant Tteokbokki cups, pouches, and flavorful kimchi. Whether you're an individual seeking a taste of Korea or a business looking for wholesale options, they've got you covered. Their retail and wholesale services ensure accessibility for all, bringing the fun and flavors of Korean cuisine to their customers in the Maldives. Join Gen Z Maldives in exploring the world of delicious Korean food, available for both personal enjoyment and business needs.

Highrise Pvt Ltd

Highrise, the organizer and manager of the Food & Beverage Show, is driven by passion, dedication, and over 15 years of industry expertise. Their in-house event specialists create extraordinary experiences that exceed client expectations and reflect the brilliance of the brands they represent.

Highrise invites culinary enthusiasts, professional chefs, food business owners, and everyone passionate about the world of food and beverages to visit Central Park from 18th to 20th January 2024. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to experience the finest flavors, discover innovative products, and connect with industry leaders.


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