Amilla Maldives Shoots for the Title of Best Fitness Resort in the Maldives

PUBLISHED June 20, 2022 | updated June 20, 2022 03:34

Fitness may not be something most people think of when they picture the Maldives. But according to Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences, today’s luxury resort guests want more than just cocktails and private plunge pools - they also want to stay on top of their fitness routines and expect more than the simple equipment most island resorts offer.  

Amilla’s General Manager, Jason Kruse, who has over a decade of experience in the Maldives, says: “I’ve noticed increasing demand for better fitness facilities in the Maldives over the years. Today, luxury resort guests want more than just pampering and cocktails - they want to workout as much as they want to enjoy all our house reef has to offer. 

“We’re renowned for pampering our guests, but we decided to also get serious about offering all the cutting-edge gym equipment our guests are used to having in their home countries. In fact, we went a bit further than that and have also created some exercise experiences with a Maldivian twist. I believe that with all our newly opened fitness facilities, we now are the best resort for fitness in the Maldives - with no compromise on fun”.  

Amilla’s beachside gym has now been transformed into two separate Cardio and Strength Studios. The air-conditioned Cardio Studio (with adjacent al fresco boxing fitness area) is equipped with the latest treadmills, spin bikes, stationary bikes, ellipticals, a climber and a rowing machine. Meanwhile, the air-conditioned Strength Studio features heavier weights, a Smith machine, free weights and a large area for weightlifting and toning workouts, as well as functional fitness equipment.  

The opening of these two special areas comes hot on the heels of Amilla’s new Jungle Gymnasium. This outdoor adult playground consists of 'Flintstonian' fitness equipment made from natural materials like wood and coconuts, including barbells, a coconut weight machine, a scramble net and monkey bars. This zero-carbon gym is set under a majestic banyan tree.  

For those who prefer outdoor cardio, Amilla’s Island Running Track has been extended so that it now forms a complete circuit of the island. Amilla is one of the only resorts in the Maldives to have a round-island running track, due to it being larger than most Maldives resort islands.  The 3.1km track winds its way around the island under the shade of the jungle canopy, passing by ‘secret beaches’ with flashes of dreamy turquoise waters beyond. It’s also a fun track for cycling on and features a strava running segment for those needing to keep the competition running.  

In addition to these fitness offerings, Amilla Maldives Resort offers guests the once in a lifetime opportunity to receive coaching from a tennis pro, via its partnership with LUX Tennis. A resident ATP player is permanently based on the island. Guests can book private sessions or even enjoy regular complimentary tennis clinics with a rotation of world champion players.  

For those who prefer to burn calories through team sports, Amilla has a football pitch where guests can enjoy a kick about, or join a real game with Amilla’s Islanders each week or even join a coaching session six days per week with the resort's onsite specialist. There are also regular football camps hosted by professional players from around the world. Volleyball, badminton and even some Maldvian sports such as ‘bashi’ (the national sport) are available too. 

For those in the mood for a more mindful workout the resort offers scheduled yoga sessions free of charge, including laughing yoga, as well as private yoga sessions. There is even a new meditation path in the resort's verdant jungle where guests can find their zen.  


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