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PUBLISHED August 12, 2020 | updated September 14, 2020 22:50

1. How are you finding the Maldives?

I love it!  No doubt, Maldives is a paradise on earth.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to live in this slice of heaven.  I regard being surrounded by the beautiful colours of the ocean and white sand beach with awe.  Spending a few hours listening to the sound of the waves while appreciating the view with a soothing music is therapeutic.  I like chasing sunsets too, which is perfect as I stay only at a distance from the best sunset viewing spot. Adding to the great experience, I am also grateful for meeting the people and my team at Seaside Finolhu where everyone is treated like a family.


2. What's your favourite spot at the resort and why?

Tough one as almost everywhere at Finolhu is Instagrammable.  But my favourites are — First is the Crab Shack. I love the toes-in-the-sand dining atmosphere, and spending a laid-back lunch there while marvelling at the view. Second is the Beach Bubble. As the first ever beach bubble in the Maldives, it is truly special and couples would find the ‘dream eclipse’ experience here spectacular. Lastly, and my personal favourite, is the upper deck at the Beach Club.  It presents an elevated view of some of the main areas of the island.  Imagine seeing a stunning vista with sights of the sandbank, the pool, the beach and the swaying palm trees in one area.


3. What do you most like, and dislike, about your work?

I like that I am able to express my creativity and passion in what I do, and continuously grow and improve on my craft. As a travel lover myself, I find it motivating to create compelling stories for a luxury lifestyle resort such as Seaside Finolhu and be able to promote the destination at the same time. There is more to the island than the mesmerising views and beautiful nature.  For example, the warmth of the people, their experiences, the community, the culture, as well as the life under the ocean all contribute to what makes this destination great.  Moreover, I believe there is a lot more great stories to share out there. There is nothing that I dislike. There are things that I find challenging, but challenges exist to contribute to my experience, learnings and personal growth.


4. What are the positives and the opportunities which you have gathered from the pandemic?

Without ignoring the realities we face during the pandemic, the spirit of togetherness is evident. People all over the world reach out to each other through social media and use these platforms for community and emotional support. Take for example the towns and cities performing songs on social media to help lift spirits, or the inspiring messages of hope that we had received past the challenging times.  Also, the entertaining posts sharing ways on how people creatively deal with quarantine.  All these create a sense of positivity and encourages solidarity.


A number of opportunities to grasp and learn from the pandemic are — One of them is how to quickly respond to the crisis and adapt to the changes. The value of delivering relevant and timely information has been essential more than ever. In hospitality for example, resorts deliver messages, information or relevant advice whether concerning travel advisories, safety procedures or other important announcements, and use the appropriate communication platforms available. Businesses are also coming up with innovative ideas to attend to the needs and well-being of customers and team members exhibiting a sense of responsibility.


5. If you can change anything in your life, what would it be?

There is nothing I would change in the past.  Each experience and choice I made have moulded me to become the person I am today.  Every decision, regardless if right or not, if it worked or not, have contributed to my growth and made me become stronger.  The most important part is not only to learn from the mistakes but also to act on it.  That kind of mindset is what helps me to become a better person day by day.


6. How would you describe the DNA of your brand?

Seaside Finolhu is a barefoot chic resort bringing comfort and luxury to modern travellers. It offers a stylish seascape where guests can create special moments and enjoy the luxurious comforts for that home-away-from-home feeling. Translated as “sandbank,” Finolhu live up to its name as it boasts spectacular white-sand beaches spread across four islands – ensuring there is more space to enjoy. Here, guests can unwind in a secluded Maldivian paradise, savour beachside indulgence and marvel at the vibrant tropical island playground.  To top it all, Finolhu’s one-of-a-kind lively atmosphere leaves a distinct feeling to the guests making their holiday extra special.


7. Who are you listening to at the moment? (music artist)

I have a diverse taste in music.  I listen to classical music, such as those of Mozart’s or Vivaldi’s when I like to concentrate. I also listen to songs from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Coldplay and The Beatles on usual days. For pop playlist, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande would be my go-to.


8. Favourite motto or saying:

It is something that I learned in my early career life from a GM and I still live by it, “Tough times never last, only tough people do.”



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