‘Grow with Six Senses’ Program in the Maldives

PUBLISHED May 26, 2022 | updated May 26, 2022 04:12

Following the successful launch of Climate Warriors to mark Earth Day on April 22, the new Grow With Six Senses program has grown an extra set of wings at properties around the world. 

Climate Warriors is built on simple, tangible things children can do and enjoy doing, to combat climate change and play a positive role in their environments and communities. 

The program itself varies slightly depending on each resort’s location and natural resources – beach, mountain, jungle, or forest, for example – but each is presented in three parts. In part one, children learn about climate change and the connection between people and the environment through quizzes, games, arts, and experiments at the resort’s Earth Lab. Part two delves into the solutions carried out at the Six Senses property, demonstrating the use of renewables, compost, upcycling and more. Part three is all about “being the solution,” showing children how they can shape the future as climate advocates, including writing a letter to a local minister, reducing electricity or air conditioning, cycling or walking instead of taking the resort buggy, and taking a shorter shower. 

Grow With Six Senses is a much-loved staple of any family vacation and this latest addition will be presented in the same spirit: happy and hands-on. 

Activities on offer in the Maldives 

Brushing up on climate trivia and waste timelines, saving water through reverse osmosis, collecting leaves to blend organic tea, recycling paper, cleaning up the mangrove with local students in Laamu Hithadhoo, and – everyone’s favorite (including the hosts) – meeting the in-house chocolate chef! 

Swimming up the program she has worked hard to introduce, Corporate Sustainability Manager Jennifer Klar said: “As a natural and playful part of our younger guests’ vacation, we invite them to experience everything we do but in a fun way, out and about, not in the classroom. Everything is based on a can-do attitude, often with a task, a tool, and an outcome, ending with a ‘look what I’ve done today’ moment, all in a new setting or environment that they might not experience in their day-to-day lives.” 


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