MTCC Hosts Informative Session on Personal Finance Management

PUBLISHED November 09, 2023 | updated November 09, 2023 04:59

Under the guidance of CEO Adam Azim, an informative session on Personal Finance Management was held for the members of Team MTCC on November 8, 2023. This enlightening event brought together 239 dedicated staff members from various divisions, with the presence of CEO Adam Azim, COO Shahid Hussain Moosa, and distinguished senior MTCC officials.

The session's primary goal was to impart essential knowledge about personal finance's fundamental principles and promote a culture of long-term financial planning and decision-making. CEO Adam Azim's aim in hosting this event was to enrich the lives of #TeamMTCC members, fostering fulfillment in both their personal and professional spheres. The overarching objective was to encourage responsible financial behavior and enhance financial security, benefiting not only the staff but also their beloved families.

The session was expertly led by Mr. Ibrahim Athif Shakoor, a seasoned veteran in the fields of Maldivian economics, finance, and business management. Mr. Shakoor, who previously served as the Managing Director of MTCC, boasts an illustrious career, having held key positions with major diversified corporate entities in the Maldives, including Allied Insurance Company, STO, MIFCO, and Dhiraagu plc. He also served as a board director at CMDA and was the first head of the Financial Intelligence Unit at MMA. Additionally, he has worked as a consultant for prominent corporate entities in both the Maldives and Sri Lanka. Currently, he holds the esteemed position of Managing Director at Centurion Fisheries Investments.



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