Fuel Supplies Maldives Adapts New Prices for its Fuel Services

PUBLISHED July 15, 2021 | updated July 15, 2021 05:46

Subsidiary of State Trading Organization PLC (STO), Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM) has announced new changes to its selling fuel prices.  

According to an official statement released by STO, the new selling price of 1 litre of diesel from its fuel sheds will be MVR 10.95 while 1 Litre of Petrol will cost MVR 10.72. The changes were administered due to a sizeable change in the prices of international fuel trade.  

From July 15 onwards, FSM will adapt the new prices for petrol and diesel fuel. The company ensures to provide the best prices for its fuel services and this change prolongs its continued services to customers with ease.  

FSM offers easy and convenient access to fuel throughout the country. Since its inception, the company has built a strong distribution infrastructure to cater to the needs of the country and has been able to establish a network for distribution of fuel (industrial and commercial), which has helped to create easy access to all. With the introduction of new technologies, FSM has revolutionized the way fuel is delivered and handled in the country, and has set standards for the others in the industry to follow. 

FSM currently works to further improve the efficiency of its delivery systems through the introduction of latest technologies and best practices and has worked vigorously to improve the capacity of the company's staff to meet the challenges faced and the ever growing expectations of its customers. 


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