MACL Deploys New Ground Handling Equipment to VIA Operations

PUBLISHED November 11, 2023 | updated November 11, 2023 03:50

Maldives Airports Company Ltd (MACL) deploys new ground handling equipment for Velana International Airport Operations.

A special event was held to inaugurate the new Ground Handling Equipment’s at the apron side.  The commissioned equipment includes 4 Passenger Buses, 4 Aircraft Stairs, 2 Universal Loaders, 2 Hi-Loaders, 10 Baggage Tractor, 1 Minivan 14-Seater, 1 Bus 32-Seater, 1 Air Conditioning Unit, 30 Cone & Chocks Trollies, 1 Container & Pallet Transporter, 4 Conveyor Belts, 3 Ground Power Units, 40 Container & Pallet Dollies, 1 Toilet Truck and 1 Twin Cab. The event was attended by the Managing Director of MACL Mr. Mahjoob Shujau and senior members of MACL along with operations staff. At the event a ceremonial key was handed over to operations staff to signify the deployment.

The new equipment was brought to accelerate the ground handling services to our partner airlines. Apart from this, additional equipment is in the pipeline to be delivered in the coming months. We believe that deployment of these new ground handling equipment will boost up the ground handling activities and would provide efficient services to our airline partners. 

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