Villa Group Introduces Loss Prevention Program Across its Properties

PUBLISHED July 17, 2023 | updated July 17, 2023 00:32

Villa Group has introduced a Loss Prevention Program centered on prevention, awareness, compliance, detection, investigation, and resolution of loss. It includes various areas such as Safety & Security, Fire Protection & Life Safety, Occupational Health & Safety, Risk Management, Crisis Management, Business Continuity Planning, Insurance, Liability, Compliance, Audits, and Investigations.

As part of this initiative, the Safety & Security departments within all Villa companies have been rebranded as "Loss Prevention Departments." This change reflects their dedication to a holistic approach that prioritizes prevention over incident response. The goal of the rebranding is to identify risks, assess vulnerabilities, and proactively implement measures to ensure a safe and secure environment for people, assets, and critical infrastructure.

Raising awareness and empowering team members are crucial aspects of the Loss Prevention program. Workshops have been conducted across all Villa properties under the theme "Protecting People, Assets & Critical Infrastructure," emphasizing the significance of a proactive approach aligned with company values. These workshops have motivated team members to embrace the transformative journey of Loss Prevention.

Recognizing team members as frontline ambassadors, Villa Group has implemented comprehensive training programs, engaging workshops, and communication channels to further empower them. These initiatives encourage a culture of shared responsibility for Loss Prevention and involve collaboration among all stakeholders. The active participation of diverse team members has been vital in successfully implementing the program. The workshops have played a significant role in raising awareness and equipping team members with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute effectively to Loss Prevention.

Villa Group acknowledges the importance of a comprehensive approach to security and safety. By adopting a holistic approach, utilizing technology, and actively involving team members, they establish a strong foundation for a secure organization. Their commitment to Loss Prevention stems from their desire to enhance the experience of guests and customers while prioritizing the well-being of team members. Through these efforts, Villa Group ensures the protection of valuable assets and critical infrastructure, contributing to the overall success of the organization.



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