New Luxury Fine Dining Experience at Kihaa Maldives – Steak Haws by Kihaa

Culinary News
PUBLISHED October 14, 2021

KIHAA Maldives is renowned for pristine white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters located a stone’s throw away from the Hanifaru Bay – UNESCO Biosphere reserve, which caters to multifarious varieties of seafood in abundance. Numerous tourists visit Maldives to savor the rich tastes of seafood caught fresh, right from its habitat. However, the tourist demographic of KIHAA Maldives has been diverse, over the past few months, with considerable amounts of guests who are more inclined to carnivorous tastes – the sublime, dense, tangy aroma & palatableness of world esteemed meat and meat products. 

With the noble notion of KIHAA Maldives to cater to a vast spectrum of market & tastes, they have welcomed a new addendum to its exemplary dining experience - The Steak Haws by KIHAA Maldives. Steak Haws by KIHAA Maldives is a hedonistic dining experience, inspired by the venerable, multi-talented Turkish Steak Chef Mr. Nusret Gökçe, commonly known as ‘’Salt Bae’’. After opening its doors earlier this October 2021, the restaurant offers a tantalizing menu with an extensive array of meat selections, cooked to your own-preferred method, to perfection accompanied by rich, divine tastes, and best of service quality. 

The Signature meat selection extends to certified black Angus meat, Australian wagyu, Japanese wagyu and premium gourmet burgers followed by an assortment of beverages and mouth-watering accompaniments to complete your dining experience. 

All of its meats are cooked to perfection, according to your tailor-made method of cooking, in the soaring fires over the dusky, natural black charcoal. Speaking about the Steak Haws by KIHAA Maldives on behalf of the team, Mr. Infaz Faiz describes the new outlet as “a luxury fine dining experience with the highest quality meats served in a show-stopping fashion, offering a new twist on what you have come to expect from high-end cuisine.’’. The architectural structure of Steak Haws by KIHAA Maldives goes in harmony with the menu offerings. 

The restaurant is intricately designed with all shades of brown akin to the color of meat, embedded with robust collections of Mahogany, Pine & Cedar to render a holistic gastronomical adventure. Steak Haws by KIHAA Maldives is designed to allow guests to foster their inner-carnivore, while in a tropical island in the middle of nowhere.


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