MACL Signs MOU with Parley Maldives to Implement AIR Strategy at Velana Airport

PUBLISHED April 13, 2022

As part of MACL's environment friendly initiative, they have signed an MOU with Parley Maldives in implementing AIR Strategy at Velana International Airport (VIA). This strategy targets to remove plastics out of the waste stream, and to eliminate the seep of plastics into the ocean as well as to the general environment. The MOU was signed, at a small ceremony held at MACL on April 12, 2022.  

Deputy Managing Director, Ibrahim Thoha signed the MOU on behalf of MACL, while the Director of Parley Maldives, Ms Shaahina Ali signed on behalf of Parley Maldives. Parley’s AIR strategy stands on 3 Principals:

- Avoid Plastic where possible

- Intercept Plastic Waste

- Redesign Materials, Methods & Thinking  

Parley’s AIR Program drives to address today’s major environment threats through creativity, collaboration and eco-innovation in the interception, collection and transport of plastic waste from Velana International Airport (VIA). As the operator of VIA, MACL joined Parley Maldives’ innovative platform to support environment causes collaborating on various related areas.  


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